How To Attach To The Clinic

How To Attach To The Clinic
How To Attach To The Clinic

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The procedure for attaching to the clinic is quite simple. It is necessary to go through it when moving to a new address. Usually, polyclinics are more willing to accept for services those who are registered at the place of residence or at least stay in its service area and have a local compulsory medical insurance policy. But in the presence of any valid policy, the CHI does not have the right to refuse.

How to attach to the clinic
How to attach to the clinic

It is necessary

  • - passport;
  • - compulsory medical insurance policy;
  • - medical card (if available).


Step 1

If you were attached to the polyclinic at your former place of residence before the resettlement, it is better for you to detach from it and take your card from the registry before leaving. In principle, you can get a card in a new place. But if you have health problems, it would be better for the doctor to see your medical history, reflected in the card.

Step 2

Find out the address of the clinic serving your new address. It can be found on the Internet, in address directories, on the website of the regional health authority, in the latter you will also be prompted by phone. Call the clinic and check the hours of its opening.

Step 3

During working hours, come to the reception with a passport, compulsory health insurance policy and, if available, a card. If you are attached not at the place of registration, but have registration at the place of stay, take it, although this is not necessary. The registration will accept your card or, if not, they will keep a clean card. clinic, and complete all the formalities after his visa. After that, you can make an appointment with the necessary doctors or come without an appointment - depending on the order in the clinic.

Step 4

If your policy was issued in another region and there is no local registration, it is possible that the first time you apply, you will be refused admission. Doctors, however, do not have the right to do this, since the compulsory medical insurance policy is valid throughout the country. In this case, the fastest way to solve the problem is by contacting the Territorial Compulsory Health Insurance Fund. You can also file a complaint about physician misconduct with the regional and federal health authorities.

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