How To See A Doctor In Moscow

How To See A Doctor In Moscow
How To See A Doctor In Moscow

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Residents of Moscow and nonresident residents of Russia who have arrived in the capital may find themselves in a situation where medical assistance may be required. If with those who are registered in the city, everything is quite simple - they need to contact the polyclinic at the place of registration, then the guests of the capital cannot use free medical services everywhere, even with a medical insurance policy.

How to see a doctor in Moscow
How to see a doctor in Moscow


Step 1

You will be able to see a doctor in Moscow within the framework of the national territorial program for the provision of free medical care only if you need primary health care, emergency or specialized care. In primary health care, you will receive guaranteed treatment for the most common diseases, poisonings and injuries that require urgent intervention. Contact the nearest medical organization in the municipal or city health system, in any institution or emergency department.

Step 2

If you have a temporary registration in the capital, submit an application for attachment to a specific medical and prophylactic institution (MPI) in the name of the chief physician. Attach to the application a photocopy of the insurance policy, a copy of the certificate of registration in the capital or a migration card.

Step 3

A nonresident pregnant woman can register with the antenatal clinic at the place of actual residence. To do this, you need to get a referral from the Office of the relevant administrative region. Contact the Office with a passport, a copy of the registration certificate in the capital, marriage certificate and medical documents confirming your pregnancy.

Step 4

Unemployed nonresident citizens can get to a doctor in Moscow if they have a medical policy in their hands. Contact the point of issue at the medical facility serving the area of ​​your permanent residence. Take with you your passport, a document confirming the status of an unemployed, and a copy of the certificate of registration in the capital.

Step 5

If you do not live in Moscow, you will be able to receive routine consultative and diagnostic assistance at the institutions of the Department of Health only if there is a referral from a territorial medical institution. Only the Department of Health of the capital can make decisions about your treatment at the expense of the city health budget, in which you will be given a referral for consultation or hospitalization.

Step 6

You can always see a doctor in Moscow at any medical institution operating on a paid basis. To do this, you must first make an appointment for an initial appointment by phone or on the Internet. In the application, indicate your name, contact phone number, select a disease or service. The registrar will contact you and discuss a convenient appointment time. Typically, this first appointment will be free of charge to you.

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