How To Determine The Sex Of The Unborn Child

How To Determine The Sex Of The Unborn Child
How To Determine The Sex Of The Unborn Child

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Almost every pregnant girl asks about the gender of the unborn child. Moms and dads try to guess at the very early stages of pregnancy who will be born: a boy or a girl. Pregnant women use a wide variety of methods for calculating the sex of the unborn baby. When determining gender, you can resort to both traditional methods and folk signs.

How to determine the sex of the unborn child
How to determine the sex of the unborn child


Step 1

The most common method of sex determination is an ultrasound examination. However, it does not give a 100% guarantee of the correct result. In addition, a more reliable result can be obtained only in the second trimester.

Step 2

Chorionic biopsy gives a guaranteed probability of sex determination. But this method is rarely used and only for medical reasons. This method is the introduction of a special needle into the uterus and removal of several cells of the placenta with its help.

Step 3

You can determine the gender by the date of conception of the child. The sex of the unborn baby depends on the sperm that fertilized the egg. If conception happened at the exact time of ovulation, then a boy will be born. If by the end of ovulation, there will be a girl.

Step 4

There is also a reliable method based on the renewal of the parents' blood. Blood in men tends to be renewed every three years, in women every four years. The gender of the baby is determined by the sex of the parent who had renewed blood at the time of conception. However, it should be borne in mind that blood renewal can occur for a number of other reasons. For example, due to operations, serious blood loss, due to childbirth, etc.

Step 5

To determine the sex of the unborn child, you can use the Chinese table. To do this, you need to know the month of conception and the mother's age. In the table, vertically, you need to select the exact month of fertilization, and horizontally, the age of the pregnant woman. Where two indicators intersect with each other, it will be seen who will be born.

Step 6

The baby's gender can also be calculated from the fetal heart rate. Unfortunately, by listening to the heart rate, the sex can be determined starting only from the 10th week of pregnancy, after the baby's heart has formed. According to this theory, girls have an average heart rate of 140-150 beats per minute, while boys have about 20 fewer beats.

Step 7

There are also folk signs that have formed over the centuries. It is believed that if a pregnant woman's appetite increases and she outwardly transforms, then a boy will be born. Severe toxicosis is a symptom characteristic of a girl. In addition, many believe that daughters "take away" the beauty of their mother. If a woman is pregnant with a boy, then the belly is directed forward and more tucked up. If a girl, then the mother's belly creeps to the sides.

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