How To Get A Moscow Policy

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How To Get A Moscow Policy
How To Get A Moscow Policy

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Any owner of a permanent or temporary registration in the capital has the right to receive a Moscow insurance policy for compulsory medical insurance. In the first case, it will be issued with an unlimited validity period. In the second - for the period of registration. If there is no registration, but you are employed in the capital, the employer will issue an OMS insurance policy.

How to get a Moscow policy
How to get a Moscow policy

It is necessary

  • - passport;
  • - birth certificate of a child, if the policy is issued for him;
  • - a document on registration at the place of stay in Moscow (if applicable).


Step 1

Contact the registry of the district polyclinic at your place of residence or in case of temporary registration of stay. You will be told the address of the insurance company that will issue the policy. Often this information is posted in the informant's window or on the walls in the lobby.

Step 2

Come to the office of the necessary insurance company (usually a special unit deals with the preparation of OMI policies) with a passport, a child's birth certificate and registration at the place of stay, if it is relevant in your case, and their photocopies (for a passport, you need pages with personal data and registration) …

Fill out the proposed form and give it to a company employee. He will check the information in the questionnaire with your documents, go over to her copies and tell you when to come for a ready-made policy.

Step 3

If you work under an employment contract at an enterprise with a legal address in Moscow, the employer who pays contributions for you, including to the territorial compulsory health insurance fund, must issue you a policy. Most often, the employees of the personnel department or other department in charge of these issues themselves know about this. If not, do not hesitate to remind them about it.

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