How To Clear Ear Plugs

How To Clear Ear Plugs
How To Clear Ear Plugs

If you notice that your hearing has slightly decreased, but in the silence, on the contrary, you can hear indistinct noises. Then, most likely, sulfur has accumulated in your ear canal and formed a plug, which causes all the unpleasant effects. In order to get rid of them, you just need to delete it.

How to clear ear plugs
How to clear ear plugs


Step 1

The easiest way is to trust a specialist. See an ENT or otolaryngologist. Professionals will easily relieve you of the problem. Moreover, by removing the plug yourself, you risk damaging the eardrum. But if you feel distrustful of doctors or are confident in your own abilities, do the procedure yourself.

Step 2

Purchase the required solutions. You can get rid of the cork with a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide, glycerin, or regular vegetable oil. In addition, you will need an eyedropper to dispense the product you need.

Step 3

Position yourself so that your ear canal is upright. Draw the product into a pipette and put it in your ear. Careful with the peroxide. Do not get in your eyes.

Step 4

After you've applied the product, take a clean cotton swab and plug it into your ear canal. Lie in this position for a few minutes. Then remove the cotton ball from your ear.

Step 5

In order to get rid of the sulfur plug, you will have to repeat the instillation several times. If that doesn't help and the cork doesn't want to come out, do it a little differently. Prepare a soda solution or chamomile tea. This time, draw up the product not into a pipette, but into a syringe. Naturally, after removing the needle. You can replace the syringe with a small rubber enema.

Step 6

If you think that the plug has not come out completely or you still feel uncomfortable, then pour a little oil and peroxide in the sulfur plug and you can easily get rid of it.

Step 7

After the plug comes out, disinfect the ear canal by dropping a little alcohol into it. From now on, try to avoid getting water in your ears.

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