How To Remove The Sulfur Plug

How To Remove The Sulfur Plug
How To Remove The Sulfur Plug

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Sulfur plug can stay in the ear canal for a long time without causing much concern. However, if water accidentally gets into it, it swells and causes hearing loss, rustling or a feeling of bloating. In severe cases, when there is pressure on the eardrum, headaches, nausea and coughing may occur. Therefore, if you experience strange sensations in the ear, you should consult a doctor or try to remove the earwax yourself.

How to remove the sulfur plug
How to remove the sulfur plug

It is necessary

  • - pipette, syringe;
  • - cotton wool and cotton swabs;
  • - vegetable oil, glycerin or hydrogen peroxide 3%;
  • - warm infusion of chamomile;
  • - drugs "A-Cerumen", "Remo-Vax".


Step 1

There are several ways to remove sulfur plug at home. But it is better to use them only if there is no way to consult a doctor for qualified help. A visit to the otolaryngologist will help to avoid long independent manipulations and possible damage to the eardrum.

Step 2

Traditional medicine uses newer methods to remove sulfur plug, for example, dissolving it with special medicines. If the solution to this problem in a medical institution is not possible, use the drug "A-Cerumen" in drops yourself. It dissolves earwax. But since it has contraindications - carefully read the instructions. The ideal option is to use it as directed by a doctor after examination.

Step 3

If the above method is not available, try softening the cork yourself. Two or three times a day, instill 3-5 drops of one of the remedies in each passage: almond or vegetable oil, glycerin, hydrogen peroxide 3% and cover the ear with cotton wool for a few minutes. Continue this procedure for 2-3 days. Gradually, swallowing movements and mobility of the lower jaw will push the wax out of the ear canal, therefore, after softening it, special efforts will not be required.

Step 4

If the cork still does not come out, repeat the softening, and in order to create pressure and push out the wax, inject a warm solution of chamomile into the ear canal. Inject it with a syringe (without a needle) so that the stream is thin. It is better to carry out this procedure with someone's help. Do not use these methods if you have diabetes or previous ear problems.

Step 5

During the softening of sulfur, a feeling of deafness may occur. It is associated with an increase in the size of the plug and filling it with the entire space of the ear canal. This is completely normal and should not cause panic.

Step 6

For ear care, use cotton swabs to clean the ear canal towards the exit. Deeper brushing can cause the earwax to "compact" and gradually build up. In case of hyperfunction of the glands producing sulfur, use the drug "Remo-Vax". It is suitable for both treatment and prevention.

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