How To Lower Urea Levels

How To Lower Urea Levels
How To Lower Urea Levels

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Uric acid salts are a breakdown product of proteins. A metabolic disorder triggers in the body either the production of an excessive amount of uric acid salts, or the one that is present in the body is poorly excreted. Disruption of uric acid metabolism is not limited only to gout - joint deformities, everything is much worse. With an excess of uric acid, the kidneys are affected - urolithiasis with urate stones occurs, and the very structure of the kidneys is damaged, which leads to kidney failure and hemodialysis.

How to lower urea levels
How to lower urea levels


Step 1

Most often, they get an appointment with a doctor after the first attack of gout, which is difficult to confuse with any other disease. After conducting blood and urine tests, the attending physician must pay attention to the indicator of the specific gravity of urine, which is significantly reduced if the exchange of uric acid is impaired. This is a very important indicator, thanks to which further treatment is prescribed. As a rule, they start with taking the drug "Allopurinol", which can only be taken during remission, so as not to provoke a new attack of gout.

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To protect the kidneys from the formation of urate stones in them, an extract of madder dye in tablets is prescribed, or "Blemaren" - a drug that creates the necessary reaction in the urine, preventing the loss of salts in the body.

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In addition to drugs that lower the level of uric acid, a strict diet is prescribed that excludes both proteins and those foods that will impair the excretion of uric acid by the kidneys. It is necessary to give up animal and bird meat, offal, meat and mushroom broths, sausages, jellies, fish. Banned hot sauces and seasonings, green peas and lentils, beans, beans, pickles, strong tea, cocoa, coffee and chocolate, alcoholic beverages. Drink more broths of rose hips and apples, juices from fresh berries and fruits, diuretic tea. Fruits, vegetables, berries and cereals are the basis of the diet in the body.

Step 4

To reduce uric acid, take decoctions and infusions of such plants as madder dye, St. John's wort, lingonberry leaf, chamomile, three-part succession, spreading quinoa, chicory herb, etc.

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