How To Remove Lactic Acid From The Body

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How To Remove Lactic Acid From The Body
How To Remove Lactic Acid From The Body

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Lactic acid occurs during the metabolic process of carbohydrates. At the time of the breakdown of carbohydrates, glucose is broken down, and after that, lactic acid also begins to act. As a result, lactate, a hydrogen ion, is formed. In this case, the hydrogen ion is responsible for muscle pain, but lactate, on the contrary, "invigorates" the muscles.

How to remove lactic acid from the body
How to remove lactic acid from the body


Step 1

Warm up your muscles before any physical workout. To do this, you should carry out a small warm-up, it is best to do it on a cardiovascular machine. This will help your body to tune in to the next heaviest loads.

Step 2

Combine short, high-intensity exercise with the longest endurance-based workouts. Use for activities: treadmill, exercise bike, elliptical trainer. Swim in the pool. All this will help you speed up the metabolism in the body, and as a result, lactic acid will stop accumulating in your muscles.

Step 3

Do not forget to alternate any physical exercises with rest. Try to eat healthy and nutritious foods, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. The body is depleted with prolonged exertion and needs to replenish glycogen in the liver and muscles.

Step 4

Pedal on the bike trainer for ten minutes. Do this slowly after each workout. It will also effectively help reduce the level of lactic acid in the body.

Step 5

Give yourself a massage or ask someone else. This will help relax and calm your muscles, as well as get rid of excess lactic acid. Take a warm bath. It will allow you to completely relax. At the same time, you can add sea salt and essential oil to the bath.

Step 6

Take a contrast shower. This method will reduce the amount of lactic acid in your body and also refresh your muscles. If you are afraid of dousing yourself with cold water, start by rubbing off and then gradually move on to taking a cold shower.

Step 7

Arrange fasting days several times a week. For these purposes, you can relax, go to nature. Try to eat less protein these days, but replenish your diet with carbohydrates.

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