How To Treat Ear Diseases

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How To Treat Ear Diseases
How To Treat Ear Diseases

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Ear diseases are very diverse. And in order to find out the cause of hearing loss or the occurrence of pain, contact an otolaryngologist. If you delay treatment, you can get serious complications or loss of hearing altogether.

How to treat ear diseases
How to treat ear diseases

It is necessary

  • - baking soda, glycerin;
  • -3% alcoholic boric acid solution;
  • -camphor alcohol;
  • -boric alcohol;
  • -almond oil;
  • - dry chamomile flowers;
  • -hydrogen peroxide;
  • -grass sweet clover.


Step 1

An unpleasant sensation can occur in the ear canal when water gets in. Sometimes they do not go away even after the water has been removed from the ear. It is possible that you have swollen accumulated sulfur. In this case, prepare the following mixture: add 1 g of baking soda and 5 g of glycerin to 10 g of water. Instill 2-3 drops several times a day. Continue the course for 3 days.

Step 2

Warming compresses work well for shooting pains in the ear. Put a little camphor alcohol on a small sterile cotton ball and apply it to the ear canal. Also cover the area around the ear with cotton wool soaked in the medicine. But don’t be too zealous to press the cotton wool too hard. Thus, on the contrary, you can increase the pain sensation. Put a layer of fabric on top of the cotton wool, then oilcloth or polyethylene. Then again a layer of cotton wool. Secure the compress with a bandage. Instill 3% boric acid solution in alcohol into the ear three times a day.

Step 3

If ear pain persists, do not self-medicate. You may have an inflammatory condition. For example - otitis media. With the wrong treatment, it can become chronic. Or, conversely, take a purulent one. You can even become completely deaf. A doctor should prescribe antibiotics.

Step 4

Use old, proven folk recipes that will help you treat otitis media. Heat a tablespoon of boric alcohol, soak a cotton swab in it and put it in your ear. Tie a warm scarf over the top. Keep it on for about an hour.

Step 5

Place 3-4 drops of warm almond oil in your ear before bed.

Step 6

Brew a tablespoon of dried chamomile flowers with a glass of boiling water, leave for 30 minutes, then strain and add a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide. Rinse the ear with the liquid, then cover the ear with a cotton swab.

Step 7

Pour half a liter of boiling water over 2 teaspoons of melilot herb. Insist in a tightly sealed container. Instill 5-6 drops of the infusion in each ear. In case of purulent discharge, before instillation, clean the ear canal with a swab dipped in hydrogen peroxide. It is better to carry out the procedure at night.

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