What Can Be Treated With Hydrogen Peroxide

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What Can Be Treated With Hydrogen Peroxide
What Can Be Treated With Hydrogen Peroxide

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Hydrogen peroxide contains two hydrogen atoms and two oxygen atoms. It was discovered in 1818 by chemist L. Tenard. Since then, hydrogen peroxide has firmly entered our lives. This drug is used as an oxidizing agent in rocket engines, as a bleach, antiseptic, to obtain pure oxygen. Also, hydrogen peroxide is popular in traditional and alternative medicine.

What can be treated with hydrogen peroxide
What can be treated with hydrogen peroxide

External use of hydrogen peroxide

For external use, a 3% aqueous solution of hydrogen peroxide is sold in pharmacies. This drug is known to everyone, it is used to wash wounds, cuts and abrasions. They can cauterize skin rashes, rinse your mouth with throat diseases - tonsillitis, rhinitis and pharyngitis. In this case, after rinsing with hydrogen peroxide, rinse your throat with a pale pink solution of potassium permanganate.

For diseases of the teeth and gums, it is necessary to make a gruel from baking soda and a 3% solution of hydropyrite and rub it into the diseased gums with a cotton swab. This procedure is recommended to be performed twice a day until the symptoms disappear. Hydrogen peroxide will help in eliminating bad breath and whitening teeth.

For otitis media, a 1% solution is used to remove pus. In this case, you do not need to instill the drug, but inject it into the ear cavity twice a day using gauze tampons.

The current legislation does not allow the treatment of diseases by oral administration and intravenous infusion of hydrogen peroxide.

For rinsing the nose with sinusitis, 1% hydrogen peroxide is also used. The solution is injected with a syringe or a small syringe of 10 ml into each nostril twice a day.

A 3% solution can help with minor bleeding, and with heavy bleeding, on the contrary, it intensifies.

Concentrated 10% hydropyrite is used to treat fungal infections of the skin and to cauterize warts. However, you need to be careful, since such a concentration of the drug can cause burns to the skin.

For arthritis and arthrosis, a compress with a 0.5% solution of the drug is used. Superimposed for a period not exceeding 2 hours.

Uncontrolled and thoughtless use of hydrogen peroxide in alternative medicine is life-threatening.

The use of hydrogen peroxide in informal medicine

In informal medicine, treatment with hydrogen peroxide by mouth and even intravenously is popular. If patients choose this method of using this drug for themselves, they should know that official medicine does not recognize such methods of treatment, and the use of hydrogen peroxide inside is not allowed by current legislation. This is probably due to a large number of complications and deaths from the inept use of this technique. If they agree to a risky method of treatment, then they must understand that by doing so they take full responsibility for their health.

However, in cases where official medicine refuses to continue treatment as unpromising and the patient simply does not have another alternative, many take the risk, since the proponents of this technique claim that many diseases can be treated this way.

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