How To Put Drops In The Ear

How To Put Drops In The Ear
How To Put Drops In The Ear

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Diseases of the ears are provoked by microbes, sometimes an ordinary draft causes terrible pain. As a treatment, drops containing anti-inflammatory components are prescribed, which should be instilled directly into the ear cavity. But before starting treatment, visit Laura. He will examine the inner ear and make a diagnosis and appropriate appointments.

How to put drops in the ear
How to put drops in the ear


Step 1

Carefully remove sulfur deposits from the ear canal. Use cotton swabs or a match wrapped in cotton swab for this purpose. Try not to insert the stick deeply, as you can damage the eardrum and not even feel it due to the pain in the ear.

Step 2

If necessary, flush the ear canal with hydrogen peroxide. Be sure to blot the liquid with a cotton pad 3-5 minutes after you put it in your ear. Rinse should be lying on your side. The peroxide should dissolve sulfur and other contaminants. If you feel congested, tilt your head back sharply to drain all the liquid.

Step 3

Dispense the required number of drops into a pipette and instill the ear with your head tilted slightly to the side. Wait a few minutes and block the ear canal with a small piece of cotton wool, otherwise the drops may leak out and the effect of the procedure will weaken.

Step 4

Perform the procedure as many times a day as the doctor advised. As a last resort, read the recommendations in the annotation to the drug. If you do not follow the treatment regimen, all your efforts will be in vain. Clean your ear with cotton swabs before each procedure.

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