Is Corvalol Dangerous

Is Corvalol Dangerous
Is Corvalol Dangerous

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Corvalol is a universal medicine that is used to eliminate pain in the heart, calm the nervous system and, in some cases, even to fight insomnia. The availability and low cost of this drug have made it one of the most popular among the population of all ages. However, several years ago, the properties of Corvalol became the cause of numerous medical disputes.


Corvalol composition

The main components that make up Corvalol are menthol, phenobarbital and ethyl alcohol. Each of these substances has special properties, so the drug is considered universal in use, but you should not drink it for a long time. Ethyl alcohol has an antispasmodic effect on the body, calms the nervous system and relieves psychological stress. Menthol has the ability to rapidly dilate blood vessels. Phenobarbital has a sedative effect on the internal organs of a person, while relieving the body of pain.

Phenobarbital is part of Corvalol in a small amount. It is erroneous to consider the drug a drug, but it must be used with great care.

Studies of the drug by doctors show that corvalol can be not only useful, but also harmful to the body. There are several serious negative properties of Corvalol associated with the side effect of its constituent components. Ethyl alcohol, for example, is highly addictive. According to doctors, if you abuse these drugs, drink for a long time, then it will affect a person like a synthetic drug. In addition, ethyl alcohol can only be consumed in minimal dosages. Otherwise, instead of fighting insomnia, there will be the opposite effect of drowsiness and physical weakness.

The peppermint oil, which is part of Corvalol, is also not always useful. If the dosage is exceeded, it can cause disruption of some systems in the body and cause constipation. People with an individual intolerance to this component may experience allergic reactions. In rare cases, doctors categorically forbid patients to take Corvalol, recommending replacing it with similar drugs. For example, valocordin copes with nervous system disorders no worse than its competitor, but it does not contain phenobarbital. This drug can be drunk instead of Corvalol, but in no case should they be combined.

Corvalol has only a temporary effect on the body. The drug is able to calm the nervous system, but cannot eliminate heart disease. Stabilization of well-being should not become a reason for refusing to be examined.

Corvalol side effects

Corvalol should be used in strict accordance with the instructions. If the dosage is exceeded or if it is used too often, serious complications can occur. The most common of these are memory impairment, speech impairment, and general physical weakness. If after taking Corvalol the desired effect does not occur, then it is likely that your body is accustomed to the components of the drug. To prevent the harmful effects of this method of treatment, it is better to refuse for a while.

Quite often there are publications of narcologists in which doctors express the opinion that Corvalol is a real narcotic drug. The doctors' recall should be taken into account. However, such conclusions were made mainly only taking into account the fact that recently, phenobarbital, which is part of Corvalol, was included in the list of psychotropic substances by the Russian government.

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