How To Drink Valerian Tablets

How To Drink Valerian Tablets
How To Drink Valerian Tablets

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Valerian tablets are an old proven remedy that can help relieve anxiety and insomnia. In addition, the drug is prescribed for vegetative-vascular dystonia and migraine. Each tablet contains biologically active substances that act on the central nervous system, therefore, depending on complaints, valerian can be taken, either one-time or as a course.

How to drink valerian tablets
How to drink valerian tablets


Step 1

Valerian tablets are much more convenient than alcohol tinctures, as they can be used to treat children and pregnant women. There is an opinion that the tincture is more effective, but doctors say that the pills are not the worst effect. It just takes a little more time from taking a pill to receiving a therapeutic effect.

One tablet contains 20 mg of powder, which is obtained by grinding thick extract or valerian root. The drug dilates blood vessels and lowers the heart rate, thereby inhibiting the activity of the central nervous system and normalizing sleep.

Step 2

Not everyone knows that valerian not only soothes, but also affects the functioning of the digestive tract. Having an antispasmodic effect, it can be taken with intestinal colic. In this case, it will be enough for a child to drink one, and an adult - two valerian tablets once.

Step 3

With increased nervous excitability caused by stress or impending difficulties (for example, an exam), a single dose of valerian tablets may not be enough. In this case, it is recommended to take 2 tablets three times a day (for children - one at a time) before meals.

Step 4

With chronic insomnia and neurosis-like conditions, a course of treatment with valerian is required. The tablets are taken for a month, and in some cases even longer. The daily norm for an adult will be 6 tablets, divided into three doses. The dose for the child is half. You need to take the drug before meals.

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