How To Write A Testimonial To A Doctor

How To Write A Testimonial To A Doctor
How To Write A Testimonial To A Doctor

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It is not easy to write a complete and unbiased characterization of your ward, especially in the medical team. The manager needs to give feedback on the work of the subordinate, correctly placing the emphasis, in detail assessing the business, psychological and moral qualities of him as an employee.

How to write a testimonial to a doctor
How to write a testimonial to a doctor


Step 1

Write a characteristic in free form from a third person, highlighting several semantic points in it. In the first block, indicate your full name. doctor, his date of birth and position held, as well as education received and previously held positions, that is, provide complete information about the employee's employment. In the second paragraph, indicate the personality traits of the physician, in the third - the conclusion and purpose of the characterization. Remember that using the right vocabulary helps to make the desired effect. Therefore, do not use the following words when drafting such documents: “bad”, “failure”, “panic”, “mistake”, “terrible”, “hate” and “problem”.

Step 2

Qualify the professional competence of the doctor according to the following criteria: work experience and professionalism, proficiency in skills and abilities within the specialty, knowledge of the basics of emergency care, receptivity to learning, including the ability to self-educate, knowledge of regulatory documents, their rights and responsibilities.

Step 3

Describe the doctor's performance, noting his activity, timeliness of execution of orders, work efficiency, responsibility, ability to plan personal time and act in force majeure situations.

Step 4

Summarize the business aspects of a specialist, namely the talent to manage subordinates and nurses, skill in resolving conflict situations, knowledge of aspects of planning the work of your department and organizing relationships with other departments and services of the clinic.

Step 5

Assess the personal qualities of the Aesculapius, paying particular attention to his adherence to deontology and industrial ethics. Here you should indicate attentiveness to patients, goodwill in relations with colleagues, the level of stress resistance, sociability, as well as the characteristics of temperament, emotional-volitional sphere and the degree of conflict.

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