Why Is Valerian Officinalis Useful?

Why Is Valerian Officinalis Useful?
Why Is Valerian Officinalis Useful?

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The well-known valerian is a very ancient medicine. She was treated by people in Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, and to this day she continues to heal us from many ailments.

Valerian officinalis
Valerian officinalis

Valerian officinalis is a tall herbaceous perennial with small pale pink or white flowers. A good honey plant that begins to bloom from the second year of life. Valerian blooms all summer: from June to August.

This medicinal plant grows throughout Russia, except for the Far North and desert regions.

Valerian is very hygrophilous, so you can find it in forest glades and in ravines, between bushes, on the shores of swamps and lakes.

Its roots and rhizomes contain medicinal valerian oil, which is why they are used in pharmaceuticals.

Valerian reduces the excitability of the nervous system, enhances the processes of inhibition in the cerebral cortex, has antispasmodic and anticonvulsant effects.

In addition, it has a positive effect on the work of the heart, dilates the coronary vessels, thereby improving its nutrition.

Valerian officinalis stimulates the secretory functions of the digestive tract, enhances bile secretion.

Pharmacies sell valerian in the form of tinctures, infusions, liquid and thick extracts. It is part of many drugs prescribed for insomnia, neuroses, migraines, hysteria, functional disorders of the central nervous system, the initial stage of hypertension, chronic coronary circulation disorder, spastic state of the stomach and intestines, Graves' disease, climacteric disorders.

Long-term use of valerian is necessary to achieve a positive effect. Do not forget that it is contraindicated for people suffering from increased blood clotting.

The roots and rhizomes of valerian are harvested in the fall after the seeds have ripened.

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