How To Make An Appointment

How To Make An Appointment
How To Make An Appointment

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It so happens that it is very difficult to get to the doctor's appointment. There are many who want to visit a doctor, and the number of coupons is limited. To avoid this, you need to make an appointment in advance. In this case, you just need to come to the appointed time, and you will be accepted.

How to make an appointment
How to make an appointment

It is necessary

  • -passport
  • -policy of compulsory health insurance


Step 1

You can make an appointment with a doctor by phone. You need to call the hospital and tell which doctor you want to see. After the registrar checks the availability of free tickets, they will tell you the time and date.

Step 2

You can go directly to the hospital reception. But you will have to stand in line, after which you will be given a coupon with the specified day of admission. Do not forget to bring your passport and health insurance policy with you. Sometimes free coupons may be available for the near future.

Step 3

Some hospitals make appointments with a doctor using special sites. If you know the address of such a site, then just go to it and make an independent appointment with a doctor without leaving your home. You just need to enter your details, the specialist you want to see, and the cause of concern (disease). After processing the data, you will know the exact time and date when you will need to come for an examination.

Step 4

If in your city there are special terminals in hospitals, with the help of which an appointment is made, you can use them. You need to enter your personal data, the reason for going to the doctor and some other additional information, after which you will receive a coupon. For a successful result, enter the correct data and fill in all the fields suggested by the program. Be sure to take your passport and policy with you.

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