How To Ask Elena Malysheva A Question

How To Ask Elena Malysheva A Question
How To Ask Elena Malysheva A Question

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Elena Malysheva is the most famous TV presenter on Russian television. People have been listening to her recommendations for leading a healthy lifestyle on the air for more than seventeen years. Malysheva managed to create a talk show and a television clinic from the usual TV show "Living Healthy", which helped many viewers. How can you contact Elena Malysheva herself?

How to ask Elena Malysheva a question
How to ask Elena Malysheva a question

Elena Malysheva's activities

Today Elena Malysheva's program with the telling name "Living Healthy" is very popular. Russians learn from it about the characteristics of the human body, proper self-care and many other important facts about their body. The program provides the most accessible and adequate information, which, thanks to the game form of presentation, is easily perceived not only by adults, but also by children.

For consultation on her programs, Malysheva invites outstanding professional doctors, which makes Living Healthy a real online clinic.

Today, on Russian television, Elena Malysheva's program "Living Healthy" is one of the most popular television programs, which considers a wide range of issues on the topic of health, proper nutrition, hygiene and prevention of various diseases. During the four broadcast blocks, telling about home, food, life and medicine, viewers from the studio get an exclusive opportunity to be examined for free using the most modern equipment and receive useful advice from qualified Russian specialists.

How to contact Elena Malysheva

Since the program "Living Healthy" in each episode considers specific issues, many viewers cannot get the necessary information on a particular diagnosis. Elena Malysheva also has an official website, but all the materials posted on it are rather for informational purposes, so the ideal solution is a personal letter from the TV presenter herself.

For many people, email communication is more comfortable - because anonymity allows you to voice your problems without hiding intimate details.

In order to ask Elena Malysheva a question on the topic of health, you need to fill out a special form on the website of the program "Living Healthy", where you are invited to describe your problem in the form of a text message. To receive professional advice personally from Malysheva, a letter must be sent to [email protected] After receiving the letter, Elena Malysheva will either personally consider the problem or refer the patient to an experienced doctor who specializes in the question asked. If the answer does not come instantly, do not be upset - Elena Malysheva is written by thousands of people, she is physically unable to answer all the questions quickly.

It is also possible to send a letter to the address: 127427, Russia, Moscow, Akademika Koroleva st., 12, indicating - "Elena Malysheva" or "For the program" Living healthy ".

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