How To Use Birth Control Pills

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How To Use Birth Control Pills
How To Use Birth Control Pills

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Women who are going to spend some time on their careers and postpone conception need to know how to drink hormonal contraceptives in order to avoid abortion and maintain health for future motherhood.

How to use birth control pills
How to use birth control pills


Step 1

You can avoid unwanted pregnancy only by strictly observing the schedule for taking the contraceptive pill. It is highly recommended to first consult with a gynecologist. You need to start taking contraceptives from the first day of your period or at the time the doctor tells you. Also, contraceptive drugs are prescribed to normalize the cycle after miscarriage, abortion, childbirth.

Step 2

The tablets must be taken at the same time every day, preferably at bedtime. In order not to miss an appointment, it is better to create a reminder with an audible alert in your phone.

Step 3

Usually one pack of oral contraceptives contains 21 pills. In this case, after taking the contraceptive pill continuously for three weeks, there is a seven-day break. That is, if you started on Monday, then finish the pack on Sunday after 21 days. For the next week, you do not drink pills, but start a new pack again on Monday.

Step 4

If there are 28 tablets in a pack, this means that 21 of them contain contraceptive hormones, and 7 include inactive substances like iron and sugar. These "dummies" are needed in order not to lose count.

Step 5

How to take hormonal contraceptives if you miss the time of taking the pill? If no more than 12 hours have passed since the intended intake, take the pill and follow the schedule again. If you remember about the missed pill only while taking the next one, drink them at the same time. If you miss 2 pills, you need to take 2 of them for two days in a row, starting from the moment you remembered about them. Together with oral contraceptives during this period, it is necessary to use barrier methods of contraception - condoms, vaginal rings, caps, etc. Then go back to your normal schedule, and when the pack is over, take a week off.

Step 6

During the first two months, oral contraceptives must be combined with barrier. During this period, there is a change in the hormonal background in the body, and ovulation is inhibited gradually. Particular attention should be paid to protection with condoms or vaginal rings during the first seven-day break.

Step 7

Observing the schedule of taking birth control pills, you must carefully monitor the reaction of the body. A common side effect is spotting bleeding, sometimes lasting from menses to menses. If they have not stopped after a month of taking oral contraceptives, you need to finish the pack you started and contact your doctor with a request to change the drug.

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