How And Why Cancer Appears

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How And Why Cancer Appears
How And Why Cancer Appears
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Cancer is the real scourge of humanity. The number of cancer patients in Russia is increasing every year by about 400,000 people. And as a result of the effect of malignant neoplasms on the body, 70,000 people become disabled.

How and why cancer appears
How and why cancer appears


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Medicine, of course, is struggling with a terrible diagnosis and is making notable strides in this field. Some forms of oncology are now treatable. But it is still not clear how and why cancer appears. And the reasons can be very different.

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A lot depends on the person himself, as well as on what kind of life he leads, where he lives, what he eats and how he works. It is the developed habits and environmental factors that in most cases act as provocateurs of the disease. For example, the highest mortality rate in Russia and America is from lung cancer, which is directly related to smoking. This has long been proven, but, apparently, is not a sufficient incentive to quit the addiction for most smokers. However, smoking also develops cancer of the lips, mouth, throat, esophagus and bladder. Taken together, all this, by the way, accounts for 90% of cases of oncology. And if the number of smokers decreases, so will the number of sick people.

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There is also a direct link between food and cancer. Nearly half of those with esophageal, stomach, breast and prostate cancer are overweight. Everyone has heard about carcinogens - these are chemicals that cause the formation of cancer. They are added to improve the taste of the product, as well as to increase its shelf life. Many people say that it is carcinogens that cause cancer. Meanwhile, only 2% of cancer cases are due to them, but much more people suffer from an excess of fatty foods. Fatty foods actually provoke a fatal disease. By the way, excessive consumption of fat can contribute to the formation of carcinogens directly in the body.

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The fact is that for the assimilation of fatty foods, the body produces more bile, which can be converted into carcinogens. Fiber helps to digest food twice as fast and prevents the appearance of harmful substances in the intestines. In addition, a large amount of fatty foods in the diet significantly reduces the body's immune forces.

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In Russia, America, Canada and New Zealand, fats are too much abused, explaining this by climatic conditions. And cancers are especially common in these countries. Where a lot of fiber is consumed, the situation is different. For example, the inhabitants of Japan consume fats in moderation, but fiber is the basis of their diet, and the Japanese are much less likely to get cancer.

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Excessive alcohol consumption develops cancer of the esophagus and pancreas. Both quantity and quality of alcohol play a role here. The harmfulness of alcohol is already high, but if chemicals are added to it, this is doubly dangerous.

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Nerves are not in the last place in the development of oncology. Everyday anxiety and stress reduce the body's defenses so much that it becomes difficult to fight even a cold, not to mention more serious diseases.

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Scientists have found out one interesting fact. It turns out that the human body independently produces cancer cells in a state of anger or resentment. And he himself eliminates them with positive emotions. It turns out that lifestyle changes and a good mood can work wonders. One has only to want and try.

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