Why Does Armpit Pain And Inflammation Occur?

Why Does Armpit Pain And Inflammation Occur?
Why Does Armpit Pain And Inflammation Occur?

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Some people have experienced pain in the armpit at least once in their lives. Such pain can be very strong, depriving a person of peace, often accompanied by general malaise, fever, chills. It occurs as a result of inflammation of the lymph nodes (lymphadenitis) or sweat glands (hydradenitis).

Why is there pain and inflammation in the armpit?
Why is there pain and inflammation in the armpit?


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Why does lymphadenitis occur? Lymphadenitis, as a rule, develops against the background of any infectious disease that affects the lymphatic system. That is, it occurs as a complication of this disease, with reduced immunity of the body. Only in some cases, the cause of lymphadenitis is the direct infection of the lymph node (in case of injury, trauma).

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There are two main types of lymphadenitis: serous and purulent. With serous lymphadenitis, a person experiences painful sensations, and the inflamed node noticeably increases in size. But, as a rule, there are no other unpleasant manifestations.

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In the case of purulent lymphadenitis, in addition to pains that often become pulsating and very strong, there is swelling, redness of the skin in the area of ​​inflamed lymph nodes, and the general well-being is noticeably deteriorating. The temperature rises, often accompanied by severe chills, headache, palpitations occur. With such signs, you should definitely contact a specialist. Since purulent lymphadenitis, if left untreated, can give serious complications, up to sepsis.

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What are the causes of hydradenitis? Hydradenitis mainly appears as a result of infection in the sweat gland (for example, due to microtrauma while shaving the armpits or scuffs, especially in the hot season). Also, various endocrine diseases can lead to hydradenitis, including diabetes mellitus, and in general any diseases that cause a noticeable decrease in immunity.

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With hydradenitis, a characteristic swelling appears on the skin of the armpit in the form of a small tubercle. It quickly grows in size, becoming very painful, especially when touched. Due to the characteristic appearance of such tubercles, similar to the nipples of a nursing dog, the name "bough udder" was stuck behind hydradenitis in common parlance.

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In most cases, after a few days, the suppurating sweat gland opens up by itself, the pus comes out and a complete cure comes quickly. If this does not happen, the inflammatory process can spread to the entire axillary region and even go beyond its limits. Therefore, in case of an unfavorable course of hydradenitis, it is imperative to seek medical help, and as soon as possible. Do not self-medicate, let alone warm your armpit!

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