What To Do In Case Of Poisoning With Paint Or Gasoline Vapors

What To Do In Case Of Poisoning With Paint Or Gasoline Vapors
What To Do In Case Of Poisoning With Paint Or Gasoline Vapors

Not a single person is insured against poisoning of various kinds. After all, someone makes repairs, or repairs are carried out at someone's entrance. Others work at a gas station, and still others use drugs in excess. In any case, poisoning is not the most pleasant phenomenon. It is possible to alleviate the condition of the injured person by providing him with first aid. However, it is with this point that problems most often appear.

What to do in case of poisoning with paint or gasoline vapors
What to do in case of poisoning with paint or gasoline vapors

Two types of poisoning are considered especially dangerous: paint and gasoline. As a result of both, very toxic toxins enter the body, which, if first aid is not provided or is untimely provided to the victim, can lead to serious consequences for him - mental disorders, problems with the gastrointestinal tract, and sometimes lead to death. …

First aid for poisoning with gasoline vapors

When gasoline vapors evaporate, a pungent, suffocating odor appears that permeates literally everything around - from hair to clothes. Symptoms of gasoline vapor poisoning are the same as those that appear with alcohol poisoning. This is nervous excitability, a feeling of euphoria in the victim, dizziness, vomiting, weakness, increased heart rate. Redness of the skin is also often noted.

One of the most striking symptoms of poisoning the body with gasoline vapors is the appearance of hallucinations. Fainting, seizures, and fever may also occur. These symptoms are distinguished by substance abusers.

The main danger of regular inhalation of gasoline vapors is that the body quickly gets used to them. As a result, a person needs an increasing dose of poisonous air. As a result, various diseases of the nervous system develop, caused by damage to the brain by toxins, and the person becomes disabled.

The first aid to a person who has suffered from gasoline vapors is to provide fresh air. If it is in a gas-polluted room, it must be removed. If the vapors were targeted, for example, from a bag, you should simply organize a good draft. In doing so, remember that the victim needs warmth. This means that he needs to be covered with a blanket.

Add to this a generous warm drink. Let it be ordinary warm water. Its temperature should not exceed or be lower than body temperature, due to this it will be absorbed into the body faster. You need as much water as possible, because it is the liquid that promotes the faster elimination of toxins.

You can give safe herbal preparations - activated charcoal or vegetable oil. The question of what to do with the victim should not be. Naturally, it is necessary to show the injured to doctors.

First aid for poisoning with paint vapors

Paint vapor poisoning varies depending on which paint was used. And it is this moment that is fundamentally important, because different brands of coloring agent give different symptoms.

Paint vapor poisoning is one of the most popular types of poisoning. It is enough to ignore the safety regulations when carrying out repair work, and such a result is provided in a matter of minutes.

The most common symptoms of paint vapor poisoning are irritation of the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose, etc., the appearance of headaches, a condition close to fainting, and many others.

Often, people who have been poisoned by paint vapors notice the appearance of hallucinations. Most often, it is not the paint itself that is poisonous, but the acetone that is part of it. The result is a state close to alcohol intoxication.

Professional painters may experience chronic paint vapor poisoning.Indeed, the paint contains a solvent, which, with prolonged exposure to the body, has a very negative effect on the whole body as a whole. In this case, health deterioration occurs more slowly. It is characterized by general weakness and fatigue, even with sufficient rest. Also, it becomes harder and harder for the victims to endure physical activity. Feeling depressed.

First aid in a situation of sharp paint poisoning is not much different from that provided in case of gasoline poisoning. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids, fresh air and peace. Naturally, it is also necessary to show the patient to the doctor.

The use of herbal preparations in this situation will be justified.

If you are faced with chronic paint poisoning, you need to change the affected person's lifestyle: add more rest, walks in the fresh air, etc. In addition, it is recommended to include vitamin complexes.

The main thing is not to start, and then the results of the poisoning will not be so devastating.

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