Danger Of Chickenpox For Adults

Danger Of Chickenpox For Adults
Danger Of Chickenpox For Adults

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Chickenpox is an extremely contagious infection that is transmitted by airborne droplets. An infected person becomes a carrier of the disease even before they notice the first symptoms. It is because of the rapid prevalence of the infection that most people manage to get sick with chickenpox even in childhood, and those who do not acquire immunity to this disease before puberty risk transferring it into adulthood.

Danger of chickenpox for adults
Danger of chickenpox for adults

Chickenpox, transferred in adulthood, is very different from that which is ill in childhood, the pathogen behaves much more aggressively, causing an increase in body temperature up to 40 ° C, painful swallowing, purulent rashes all over the body. It is for adult patients that dangerous complications of this disease are also characteristic.

How many times a person gets sick with chickenpox directly depends on his immunity, in most cases only once in a lifetime, since the generated antibodies create a protective barrier against re-infection.

The main symptom of chickenpox is a rash that soon becomes fluid-filled blisters. These blisters cause severe itching, but it is highly undesirable to comb or scrape them, as after healing, ugly scars may remain.

Chickenpox in pregnant women

Chickenpox in a pregnant woman in rare cases can cause abnormal development of the fetus, up to spontaneous miscarriage. That is why the treatment of such a patient should be carried out under the close supervision of a specialist. Anomalies in a newborn whose mother has had chickenpox occurs in about one in every 100 cases.

With intrauterine infection of the fetus, such deviations as heart and visual defects, cerebral palsy, mental and physical developmental delays are possible.

Those at greatest risk are those whose mothers become ill just days before giving birth. In this case, damage to the internal organs of the newborn occurs in almost 15% of cases. If such a situation occurs, the mother and baby are injected with serum with antibodies as soon as possible. After that, the baby is isolated from both the mother and other children until both are fully recovered.

Chickenpox treatment in adults

Treatment of the disease in adults is carried out similarly to children's chickenpox. Blisters must be lubricated with brilliant green or fucorcin solution. This contributes to their early healing. Follow a pastel mode with plenty of drinking. Stay at home, limit your contact with other people, as the disease is contagious. Knock down the temperature with the available antipyretic drugs if it rises above 38 ° C.

To relieve itching, you can take diazolin one tablet in the morning and in the evening.

How long the disease lasts depends on many factors, but if there are no complications, then the symptoms should greatly weaken by the end of the first week, the blisters will finally disappear only after 2-3 weeks, if all the instructions of the attending physician are followed.

In the event of complications and concomitant diseases, the severity of the course of the disease may increase markedly. If skin inflammation, chickenpox nephritis, chickenpox pneumonia, or joint damage begins, you will most likely be offered hospital treatment.

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