How To Decrease Your Heart Rate

How To Decrease Your Heart Rate
How To Decrease Your Heart Rate

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Pulse rate is a purely individual value for each person. With an increase in heart rate, there is a deterioration in the supply of blood and tissues with oxygen, which also provokes a reflex increase in respiration. To reduce the pulse, if possible, you should identify the cause that triggered the increased heart rate.

How to decrease your heart rate
How to decrease your heart rate

It is necessary

  • - heart drops;
  • - soothing sublingual tablets;
  • - cold water;
  • - Fresh air.


Step 1

If the cause of an attack of heartbeat (sinus tachycardia) becomes psycho-emotional excitement, then in order to reduce the pulse, the impact of the traumatic situation should be stopped. Go outside and get a little distracted. Fresh air has a positive effect on the heart and blood vessels.

Step 2

Drink a sedative, preferably of plant origin: motherwort tincture, drops "Corvalol", "Barboval", drops of Zelenin. They do not have any special side effects, except that individual intolerance to the components may be observed.

Step 3

Drink a small amount of cold water - this reflexively causes the heart rate to slow down. Massage the pulsating area of ​​the carotid artery in the neck.

Step 4

Do a simple breath-holding exercise: stand near an open window, take a deep breath and hold your breath, mentally count to 5 or 10, and then slowly exhale the air through your nose.

Step 5

If heart disease is the cause of the heartbeat, then to reduce the pulse, you should ventilate the room. And drink the drug that is recommended for the permanent treatment of tachycardia by a cardiologist. But you should not take previously unknown funds on the advice of others on your own.

Step 6

Place a Validol tablet or Corvalment capsule under your tongue - these drugs often have a calming effect and relieve an attack of heartbeat.

Step 7

If the tachycardia attack does not stop, on the contrary, your condition continues to deteriorate, then you need immediate medical attention. Signs of heart failure may include the following symptoms: the appearance of a cough, the appearance of pallor or cyanosis of the skin of the nose or ears, the appearance of difficulty breathing. In the presence of these signs, you should urgently call an ambulance, and before the arrival of doctors, you can repeat all of the above activities.

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