How To Lower Blood Bilirubin

How To Lower Blood Bilirubin
How To Lower Blood Bilirubin

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Bilirubin is a special pigment that is a breakdown product of hemoglobin and is found in bile and blood. An increase in the level of bilirubin in the blood indicates health problems, in particular, it is a symptom of various diseases of the liver or blood.

How to lower blood bilirubin
How to lower blood bilirubin


Step 1

First of all, it is necessary to undergo a medical examination and identify the reasons due to which the level of bilirubin has increased. Frequent fatigue, palpitations, pain in the left hypochondrium, yellow color of all mucous membranes and skin are indicative of blood anemia. It can be both congenital and acquired. The accelerated process of breakdown of red blood cells leads to an increased content of hemoglobin and, as a result, the production of unbound bilirubin in the blood. In this case, it is necessary to start drug treatment aimed at treating hemolytic anemia.

Step 2

The liver plays an important role in the content of bilirubin in the blood. If she cannot function normally, is sick or poisoned by alcohol, taking medications, then this leads to the fact that bilirubin does not pass the process of neutralization by liver cells. In this case, the following symptoms appear: pain and a feeling of heaviness in the liver area, a bitter taste in the mouth, nausea, fever.

Step 3

Diseases of the biliary tract, cancer of the pancreas, gallstone disease are also characterized by an increased content of bilirubin in the blood. In this case, lack of appetite, itching, dark urine, nausea, acute colic may be disturbing.

Step 4

The step-by-step cleaning of the intestines, gallbladder, liver and kidneys should be done in the most careful way, which is able to neutralize pathologies and lower bilirubin in the blood.

Step 5

Try to pay great attention to increasing the outflow of bile from the gallbladder and liver. In this case, mild choleretic drugs are able to lower the bilirubin in the blood. Monitor the health of the kidneys and liver, periodically donate blood for analysis to avoid serious complications.

Step 6

To lower the concentration of bilirubin, phenobarbital can be used, however, this drug is able to remove the symptom, but not in any way eliminate the cause of the pathology.

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