How To Lower Bilirubin

How To Lower Bilirubin
How To Lower Bilirubin

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Elevated bilirubin levels can result from many liver diseases. To reduce its level in the blood, you must first pass all the necessary tests to find out the cause, and then proceed to the direct treatment of the disease that provoked this increase.

How to lower bilirubin
How to lower bilirubin


Step 1

In the human body, there is a constant replacement of old erythrocytes with new ones. Old red blood cells are destroyed, and hemoglobin is released from them. If hemoglobin is outside the red blood cells, it becomes toxic to the body. The norm for bilirubin in the blood is a mark not higher than 20, 5 μmol / l, and the excretion of direct bilirubin occurs together with bile into the gallbladder. The level of bilirubin in the blood depends on several reasons: - on the amount of albumin in the blood;

- on the intensity and massiveness of the decay of erythrocytes;

- from the activity of enzyme systems that are involved in the translation of indirect bilirubin into direct;

- on the adequacy of the outflow of bile from the liver. If there are violations in any of the above factors, then this leads to an increase in the content of bilirubin in the blood.

Step 2

When bilirubin is elevated during stagnation of bile, it is necessary to remove the obstacle that interferes with its normal outflow. This will significantly lower the amount of bilirubin.)

Step 3

To lower bilirubin in newborns, use special drugs - activators or inducers of liver enzymes (for example, phenobarbital).

Step 4

When high bilirubin is caused by Gilbert's syndrome, take 0.05–0.2 g of Phenobarbital or Zixorin daily for 2–4 weeks.

Step 5

The appointment of phenobarbital improves the metabolism in the liver and the binding of bilirubin. True, it has a sedative effect, works as a sedative. Also, a hepatoprotector is prescribed, such as Karsil. But the appointment must be made by a doctor.

Step 6

Elevated bilirubin can also be associated with hepatitis. It can be not only viral, but also toxic, medicinal, induced, idiopathic and others. There can be a lot of reasons for hyperbilirubinemia. Sometimes it is caused by malaria or gallstone disease, as well as Gilbert's benign hyperbilirubinemia. First of all, it is necessary to look for and treat the cause.

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