How To Lower Your Bilirubin Levels

How To Lower Your Bilirubin Levels
How To Lower Your Bilirubin Levels

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Quite often, in newborns (and not only), doctors detect an increase in bilirubin. This substance is a special pigment, which is a breakdown product of hemoglobin contained in the blood or in the liver. In order to reduce the level of bilirubin, several rules must be followed.

How to lower your bilirubin levels
How to lower your bilirubin levels


Step 1

If your bilirubin has increased, then you should immediately conduct a medical examination and identify the reasons that led to this process. Signs of an increase can be rapid fatigue, pain in the left hypochondrium, yellow color, which is acquired by the skin and mucous membranes, as well as increased heart rate. All this suggests that the process of blood anemia is taking place. Such a diagnosis can be either congenital or acquired. An accelerated process of breakdown of red blood cells occurs in the body. This leads to the fact that the hemoglobin content in the blood increases, resulting in unbound bilirubin. This situation requires immediate medical treatment.

Step 2

In order for bilirubin to return to normal, it is necessary to pay attention to the liver. If you have been taking any medications for a long time or abuse alcohol, as well as if the liver is sick, bilirubin simply does not go through the process of neutralization by liver cells.

Step 3

Pay attention to your bowels too. If there are signs of increased bilirubin, then it is imperative to carry out a step-by-step bowel cleansing. In this case, it is necessary to simultaneously cleanse the kidneys and gallbladder.

Step 4

You can use mild choleretic drugs that can lower the bilirubin in the blood.

Step 5

As a medicine to lower bilirubin, you can use "Phenobarbitol". However, it is worth noting that such a drug can only eliminate the symptom, but the cause will not be cured - as a result, the symptom appears again.

Step 6

And yet, the most important advice for eliminating elevated bilirubin is to carefully monitor your health. Try not to abuse alcohol, eat only healthy food, cooked, for example, steamed. And, of course, see your doctor in a timely manner.

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