Why Does The Stomach Hurt Before Menstruation?

Why Does The Stomach Hurt Before Menstruation?
Why Does The Stomach Hurt Before Menstruation?

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Painful sensations in the lower abdomen are accompanied by the onset of menstruation in most women. However, pain is different. If it disrupts the usual rhythm of life, brings you to fainting and does not go away after taking painkillers, this is a reason to visit a doctor.

Why does the stomach hurt before menstruation?
Why does the stomach hurt before menstruation?

Experts say that almost half of women of childbearing age complain of pulling pains in the lower abdomen a day or two before menstruation. I must say that any woman is very sensitive to the onset of menstruation. Some have a stomach ache, others have a puffy and heavy chest, someone feels lower back pain or psychological discomfort, manifested in a state of hopelessness and depression. In 90% of cases, worry is completely unnecessary.

In which case, pain before menstruation is the norm

Most often, minor pain in the lower abdomen before menstruation directly depends on the amount of endorphins. These hormones are produced by neurons in the brain and are responsible for pain. They are popularly known as "happiness hormones".

The secretion of endorphin is "subject" to progesterone and estrogen, the level of which is not constant. Even a week before menstruation, progesterone is at its peak, although estrogen decreases slightly. A sharp drop in both hormones on the eve of menstruation leads to the same drop in endorphin levels. Hormonal changes cannot go unnoticed, since they occur at the level of the central nervous system.

Lower abdominal pain before menstruation can be the cause of premenstrual syndrome, if they are characterized by a number of other symptoms such as:

• an intolerable desire to hide from others and cry;

• resentment towards everyone, which results in aggression;

• weakness and headaches;

• pain in the region of the heart and lack of air;

• excessive appetite;

In most cases, this condition does not require treatment, but if depression goes too far and affects the quality of family life, then you should see a doctor.

Lower abdominal pain as a signal of functional impairment

it can also hurt due to anatomical disorders (the uterus is deflected to the back wall). Then both the stomach and the lower back hurt. Sometimes the onset of menstruation is accompanied by diarrhea. Often, such problems are suffered by women who have not given birth, whose painful sensations disappear after childbirth.

Sometimes the cause of pain before menstruation is an insufficient luteal phase (from the release of an egg to menstruation). The hormones prostaglandins, which are responsible for uterine contraction and the rejection of its inner layer, can begin to be produced earlier and with greater intensity, leading to a failure of the entire cycle. Excessive activity of prostaglandins causes increased pain.

In any case, when the pain becomes unbearable or is eliminated with medication only for a short time, an urgent need to see a specialist. The cause can be both intrauterine infections and inflammations, and malfunctions in the thyroid gland, as a result of which the regulation of the amount of hormones is disrupted. Foreign bodies in the form of cysts and fibromatous nodes can also cause pain before menstruation. The presence of an intrauterine device can also be attributed to the category of "foreign". Sometimes it is enough to remove it, and the pains disappear or do not cause significant discomfort.

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