How Are The First Periods

How Are The First Periods
How Are The First Periods

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The stage of growing up of a girl is not complete without an expected and important event, such as the first menstruation. From this moment, both in the girl's body and in her life, changes will begin. Without exception, for all girls, the expectation of the first menstruation is an exciting event. However, having understood, it is worth coming to the conclusion that there is nothing alarming in this process.

The question of the first menstruation causes a lot of excitement and anxiety
The question of the first menstruation causes a lot of excitement and anxiety


Step 1

It is necessary to mentally prepare for the process of the onset of the first menstruation. As a rule, it occurs at about 11-16 years old, depending on the individual characteristics of the organism. So menstruation can occur at the age of 14, and for some, the first menstruation occurs only at 17. The first menstruation is also called menarche.

Step 2

If menstruation does not occur for a long time, and all the signs indicate that it is time for it to start, then a consultation with a gynecologist is necessary. After examination and examination, the doctor will be able to establish the cause, as well as predict the approximate date of the onset of the first menstruation.

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The most common fears before the onset of the first menstruation include: fear of pain during menstruation, fear of losing too much blood, doubts about choosing a hygiene product, and others.

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The first menstruation is a mandatory period in the body of a healthy girl. Most girls are afraid of painful sensations in the lower abdomen, lower back, chest during the onset of menstruation. However, not every girl has painful periods. It is worth remembering that pain during normal menstruation, if present, is quite tolerable. As a last resort, the gynecologist will prescribe an anesthetic that will make it easier to tolerate subsequent periods.

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There is also no need to worry about the amount of blood loss. As a rule, the volume of menstruation for the entire cycle is no more than 100 ml. In order to exclude possible bleeding, it is worth refraining from taking a hot bath, going to the bathhouse, and increased physical exertion. In all other respects, in case of well-being, the girl can lead a normal life.

Step 6

Menstruation itself lasts from two to seven days, but exceptions are possible during the first menstrual period. So, the first menstruation can last one day or eight. You should create a calendar in which to mark the day of the onset of menstruation, the duration, and also make special notes. You will need this information at your gynecologist's appointment.

Step 7

Intimate hygiene is mandatory during menstruation, which includes: taking shower procedures, as well as changing hygiene products. It is recommended to choose gaskets as a product. But it is worth noting that gynecologists do not prohibit the use of tampons during the first menstruation. The main thing in any of these options is to choose the right size and type of hygiene product.

Step 8

Two weeks before the start of the first menstrual period, a girl may experience premenstrual syndrome. It is characterized by: increased irritability, tearfulness, frequent mood swings, increased fatigue, and soreness of the mammary glands. Such symptoms are absolutely normal, which suggests that the body is undergoing a restructuring of the hormonal background.

Step 9

Pimples and rashes may also appear, but do not worry, because they will disappear after menstruation has passed. It is recommended to cleanse your face with lotion and wash your face with a gel, in order to cleanse it of dust and excess sebum. You should eat more fruits and vegetables, drink juices, because during such a period, the growing body especially needs vitamins.

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