When Girls' Breasts Begin To Grow

When Girls' Breasts Begin To Grow
When Girls' Breasts Begin To Grow

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The female breast grows throughout the life of its mistress, accelerating in some periods and slowing down as much as possible in others. It begins to grow from the embryonic stage and continues to grow until later years. Noticeable breast growth begins in girls at a certain age.

When girls' breasts begin to grow
When girls' breasts begin to grow


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At the initial stage of development, the breast of a baby girl remains flat and does not differ in any way from the breast of a boy. However, upon closer examination, you can see a thin line under the nipples on it - it is she who, as the girl grows up, will develop into a functional and full-fledged breast. In fact, the milk line is the outer end of the milk tubes located inside the body underneath it.

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Before puberty, female breast development is very slow. At first, it is the undeveloped breast tissue around the nipple. With puberty, this tissue rapidly enters into growth, which manifests itself in the bulge and swelling of the nipples and their areoles. Milk tubes also begin to develop at this stage, but they remain in an atrophied state until the first pregnancy.

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Since puberty in girls occurs at different ages, breasts begin to enlarge between the ages of eight and thirteen. It is already visible to the naked eye, however, clear contours, size and beautiful shape at this stage do not yet appear. Further, in adolescence, the breasts acquire firmness and elasticity, and the areoles and nipples become more pronounced, which indicates the girl's readiness for sexual activity and pregnancy.

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The natural development of a woman's breasts depends on hormonal changes occurring in the body at different stages of a woman's life. Also, for the breast, it is imperative to choose the right bra made of high-quality fabric, which perfectly matches the woman's size and is not too tight or loose. An improperly fitted bra either squeezes the breasts and lymphatic ducts or does not support them adequately, which leads to sagging breasts.

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