Why Does The Stomach On The Left Hurt

Why Does The Stomach On The Left Hurt
Why Does The Stomach On The Left Hurt

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Stomach pain can be a symptom of various medical conditions. Some of them are not life-threatening, while others require urgent surgery. Only a doctor can make an accurate diagnosis, but it is important to know the symptoms in which you need to immediately contact him.

Why does the stomach on the left hurt
Why does the stomach on the left hurt

Abdominal pain is not an independent disease. This is just a symptom indicating certain problems in the body. It can be sharp and dull. This symptom, along with the localization of pain, has an important diagnostic value.

Pain in the left upper segment of the abdomen may indicate problems with the spleen. Unpleasant sensations arise when, for one reason or another, the organ increases in size. Most often this happens due to an infectious disease, for example, mononucleosis or typhoid fever. A sharp unbearable pain in this area followed by a blue discoloration of the abdomen indicates a ruptured spleen. This can happen both due to overstretching of the organ capsule and due to injury. This condition is life-threatening and therefore requires urgent medical attention.

The cause of pain in the left upper quadrant of the abdomen may be inflammation of the pancreas. In this case, a sharp pain radiates to the back and is accompanied by nausea and even vomiting.

Left side pain in the upper abdomen can be caused by gastritis or stomach ulcers. In this case, the pain may be accompanied by heartburn, belching, and other discomfort.

Pain in the lower left abdomen most often indicates inflammatory bowel disease. In this case, the following unpleasant symptoms may occur: diarrhea, flatulence, bloating, and others. If diverticulitis is the cause of the pain, nausea with vomiting and high fever will also appear.

The causes of abdominal pain on the left can be unilateral pyelonephritis and urolithiasis. In this case, the pain is acute, often accompanied by frequent urination.

Abdominal pain can be caused by gynecological conditions, such as a left ovarian cyst, inflammation of the appendages, and even an ectopic pregnancy. Timely medical assistance will not only help preserve reproductive function, but also save lives.

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