Why Does The Stomach Hurt Before Menstruation

Why Does The Stomach Hurt Before Menstruation
Why Does The Stomach Hurt Before Menstruation

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Many women determine the approach of menstruation by aching pains in the lower abdomen. For some, this begins a week before menstruation, and for others a couple of days. The causes of such ailments can be both natural processes occurring in the body and disruption of the reproductive system.

Why does the stomach hurt before menstruation
Why does the stomach hurt before menstruation


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It's no secret that during the menstrual cycle, the level of hormones changes, which give a signal to the beginning of menstruation. Female sex hormones control the production of the so-called happiness hormones - endorphins. Accordingly, when estrogen and progesterone levels drop sharply before menstruation, so does endorphins. These hormonal changes affect both the physical and the emotional state of a woman. In addition to abdominal pain, limb cramps, chest pain, mood swings, etc. may occur.

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Another common cause of lower abdominal pain before menstruation is premenstrual syndrome. You are definitely dealing with PMS, if, in addition to the pulling pain in the abdomen, you feel sadness and apathy, a desire to cry; experiencing unexplained aggression or anxiety; get tired quickly; you want to sleep or you, on the contrary, suffer from insomnia; your feet and fingers are swollen; chest hurts; the belly is inflated; suffers from shortness of breath. According to statistics, 85% of women on our planet suffer from premenstrual manifestations. The onset of the syndrome is associated with a complex of complex chemical reactions that regulate changes in hormonal levels, which, in turn, controls the sexual function of a woman. During this period, sodium is retained in the body; there is a deficiency of prostaglandin E1, associated with a special excitation of the cerebral cortex, which causes many of the symptoms of PMS. There is a violation of the exchange of serotonin, dopamine, opioids and norepinephrine - the so-called neurotransmitters. Because of this, mood swings occur from absolute happiness to a sense of hopelessness.

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before menstruation can also be associated with functional disorders. Anatomical features or congenital pathologies of organ development, such as underdevelopment or displacement of the uterus, disruption of the endocrine system, inflammation of the appendages, fibromatous nodes and other formations (cysts, fibroids, etc.), interfere with the natural separation of the endometrium and provoke pain. Also, painful sensations at the end of the cycle may be associated with insufficiency of the luteal phase. That is, due to hormonal disorders, there is no decrease in estrogen and progesterone, which provokes the onset of menstruation. The natural course of the menstrual cycle is disrupted, and pain before menstruation is felt more acutely. Another culprit for pain is elevated prostaglandin levels. These substances cause vasospasm and rejection of the inner layer of the uterus. If there are too many of them, then the uterus contracts more actively and this causes pain.

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