Why Menstruation With Pain

Why Menstruation With Pain
Why Menstruation With Pain

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Pain in the lower abdomen before menstruation occurs in the process of rupture of follicles and release of eggs. They usually last about two days, during the same period, spotting from the genital tract may appear.

Why does the stomach hurt during menstruation?
Why does the stomach hurt during menstruation?

Is there an explanation for the pain during menstruation?

Severe menstrual pain can lead a woman to exhaustion. Strong and cramping, they deprive you of sleep and do not allow you to perform work duties. A woman has to take pills, but their effect is not enough for a long time. Why is this happening?

Very often, severe pain and profuse bleeding during menstruation are alarming symptoms of any serious disease of the female genital organs. Since a woman herself cannot know for sure whether a pathological process is developing in her body, she needs to contact a gynecologist to find out the reasons for this behavior of the body during menstruation.

For some women, the problem of severe menstrual pain is safely resolved by itself after the onset of sexual activity or the birth of a child.

Genetic predisposition to severe pain in the lower abdomen on the eve of menstruation and in the following days is a mystery of nature. Girls who see their mothers suffer later face the same problem. In this case, you can recommend refusal from hard work on these days and maximum rest so that the body does not experience additional stress.

Insufficient physical activity is another reason that the stomach hurts during menstruation. Relaxed muscles that are not used to training are more sensitive to all changes in the body.

Thus, opening the cervix before self-cleaning becomes a difficult task for the body. What can be done? Regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle are the best preventive measures for any problems in the body.

Vitamin and Nutritional Relationship between Menstrual Pain

An insufficient amount of calcium and magnesium in the body is a good reason for menstrual cramps. You can get calcium and other useful vitamins by eating dairy products, almonds, and legumes.

The need for magnesium is replenished with carbonate. The drug is in the form of a powder, which must be taken daily, 1 teaspoon. Such a simple preventive measure will help get rid of cramps in the abdominal muscles.

By following a certain diet on the eve of menstruation, you can ensure yourself a painless course. For the time being, it is better to refuse to use coffee, meat and fatty foods. Let there be more green vegetables, eggs, fish on the table.

Uncontrolled intake of pain pills on the days of menstruation is not the best way out for the body. Support him with chocolate, bananas, yogurt.

Why is there pain in the chest during menstruation?

Light discomfort in the female breast before the onset of menstruation is a natural phenomenon, confirming the origin of hormonal changes. In the intervals between menstruation, the body is always preparing for a possible conception, and the mammary glands undergo some changes, which in the future could be directed to the production of breast milk.

The female body is tuned in to possible motherhood, regardless of whether the woman is planning it or not. Naturally, certain processes can occur with minor pain.

Light pulling pains in the lower back and abdomen, swelling and swelling of the mammary glands, the absence of abundant discharge are considered the norm. If the pains are complemented by seals in the chest, then there is a reason for contacting specialists.

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