Is Tattooing Eyes And Eyelids Dangerous?

Is Tattooing Eyes And Eyelids Dangerous?
Is Tattooing Eyes And Eyelids Dangerous?

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Women are constantly improving their appearance. To do this, they resort to various salon procedures. The tattoo of the eyes and eyelids was no exception, but for some it raises certain concerns, because these parts of the body are the most vulnerable.

Is tattooing eyes and eyelids dangerous?
Is tattooing eyes and eyelids dangerous?

Contraindications for eye and eyelid tattooing

Tattooing has contraindications:

- a weakened immune system;

- HIV;

- diabetes;

- epilepsy;

- poor blood clotting;

- severe mental illness.

Contraindications are temporary, therefore, before the procedure, you need to consult a doctor in order to avoid unwanted consequences. So, here is a list of temporary contraindications:

- pregnancy and lactation period;

- exacerbation of any chronic diseases;

- hypertension;

- critical days;

- allergies.

If you suffer from conjunctivitis, you have very sensitive eyes, eye tattoo for you is a real salvation from the need to use cosmetics every day.

If you decide on the procedure, despite the contraindications, the consequences will be dire. If you have any medical condition, eye and eyelid tattooing is dangerous.

How is the procedure going?

Before starting to make eye and eyelid tattooing, the master applies a special ointment to the skin. Thanks to this, you will not feel pain during the procedure. After that, the master will fix your eyelid in a stationary state to avoid accidental blinking. Since the puncture depth of the needle is minimal, even the slightest injury is excluded. During the procedure, the superficial capillaries of the eyelids may be affected, but there is nothing to worry about. As you can see, eye tattooing is not dangerous if it is carried out correctly and the specialist observes all sanitary and hygienic rules.

After the tattoo is done, the master will tell you in detail how to take care of your skin during healing. In order for the swelling of the eyes to go away quickly, you need to constantly smear them with healing ointments. Crusts may appear on the skin: never touch them!


So that the result does not disappoint you, it is important to seriously approach the choice of the master. An unqualified specialist is not able to do his job efficiently. Check applicable licenses, read customer reviews. Also, be prepared for the color of the lines to be different. For example, instead of black - gray. In order to fix this, you will have to go through the procedure again. Also, you may not be satisfied with the shape of the lines, so ask the master in advance to draw them in front of your eyes with a pen or special paints.

In case of major shortcomings in work, you can always remove the tattoo. This is done using a laser. The procedure is rather unpleasant. This can be avoided only if you make a choice in favor of an experienced tattoo artist who has been providing his services for a long time at a high quality level.

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