How To Speak Barley On The Eye

How To Speak Barley On The Eye
How To Speak Barley On The Eye

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Such an unpleasant phenomenon as barley always appears unexpectedly and for no apparent reason, giving a lot of unpleasant sensations to its "happy" owner. Even in the old days, he was treated not only with various poultices - but also with simple conspiracies that made it possible to get rid of an unaesthetic sore quickly and reliably.

How to speak barley on the eye
How to speak barley on the eye


Step 1

Usually, barley develops on the eyelid, which begins to itch, redden and swell - while pressing on the sore spot is accompanied by painful sensations. In addition, the eyelid feels tense and heavy, it is difficult to open it, a person may feel a headache, fever, swelling of the parotid and submandibular nodes, as well as general malaise. Often, the barley suppurates a little - a small white dot appears at the top of the swelling, which cannot be squeezed out.

Step 2

The reasons for the appearance of barley are most often diabetes mellitus, low immunity, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, bacterial infections, demodicosis, poor hygiene or genetic predisposition. Medical treatment can eliminate barley, but after disappearing in one eye, it may appear in the other. For this reason, many people are fighting this disease using ancient conspiracies. Doctors explain their effectiveness in treating barley by believing in the action of magical healing words.

Step 3

To get rid of barley, you should circle three times clockwise around the sore eye with your ring finger, saying at the same time "So that you do not have a name like this ring finger." Then you need to spit on the left shoulder three times - after that, the puffiness and redness will go away from the eyelid as quickly as it appeared. Circling the eye in a circle will create a protective barrier around it, which will prevent recurrence of barley.

Step 4

Also, an effective way of esoteric treatment of barley is the conspiracy “Barley, barley, you have a fig on you, you can buy a mare for a fig. The mare dies, the barley dries up. " It should be read three times, after which you need to fold the fig, circle it clockwise over the sore eye, and outline the loan with a cross and spit it over the left shoulder. The method with a comb, which is applied to the barley and says: “The barley grew and grew until the mowing came, has also proven itself well. They mowed the barley, but they asked the medicine man. Grandfather, grandfather-witch, tell us barley to go to the forest, but to the water, to the meadow grass, he left the servant of God (name). Amen. (three times)". After that, they spit on the index finger three times and rub the sore eyelid with it clockwise.

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