How To Treat Prickly Heat

How To Treat Prickly Heat
How To Treat Prickly Heat

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In the hot season, on the skin of a baby, you may find multiple red dotted spots and bubbles. This prickly heat is a common skin disease in babies. Is it dangerous and how to treat it?

How to treat prickly heat
How to treat prickly heat


Step 1

Most often, prickly heat pimples form in the groin and cervical folds, armpits and on the abdomen. After a while, the bubbles disappear, and a crust appears in their place, which easily peels off. Do not worry - there will be no marks on the skin from the sweat. And this phenomenon does not affect the general condition of the baby. It is only possible that prickly heat will cause mild itching.

Step 2

However, prickly heat should be treated. Its danger is that these are good conditions for pyoderma - pustular lesions, one of the most common skin diseases.

Step 3

The treatment of prickly heat is quite simple. Treat the folds of your baby's skin with baby powder. Bubbles and redness can be wiped off with a cotton swab dipped in a mild baking soda solution. To prepare the solution, add one teaspoon of baking soda to a glass of warm boiled water.

Step 4

While bathing, add an infusion of string or chamomile to the bath. To prepare the infusion, buy sachets with these herbs at the pharmacy. In the morning, pour boiling water over them and pour them into a tub of water before bathing.

Step 5

If the area of ​​the skin affected by prickly heat is large enough - after bathing, lubricate it with creams such as Desitin or Bepanten. But it's better to go to a dermatologist to rule out allergies.

Step 6

Remember, prevention is easier than cure. The same applies to sweaty sweats. Choose your baby's clothes carefully. The baby should not bathe in hot clothes. The baby's sweat glands begin to work too hard, which irritates the skin and causes severe redness. If it's hot outside, let him lie naked at home, and dress the child in a light bodysuit for a walk.

Step 7

Every day the baby needs to take air baths. Ventilate the room more often, just do not create drafts. Health to your baby!

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