How AIDS Is Transmitted

How AIDS Is Transmitted
How AIDS Is Transmitted

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AIDS is an acquired immunodeficiency syndrome that develops as a result of HIV infection and is its terminal stage. The outcome of the disease is fatal, so you should know the main routes of infection in order to try to avoid them with all your might.

How AIDS is transmitted
How AIDS is transmitted


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HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is transmitted by contact with the mucous membrane or body fluids of an infected person - blood, semen or vaginal secretions, breast milk. In different countries, the number of cases as a result of this or that contact differs. In Russia, infection is leading precisely through blood. Sad statistics were created by drug addicts using non-sterile syringes for injections.

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The risk of contracting the virus through blood also exists with other manipulations that are carried out with non-sterile instruments. This is possible when using syringes and catheters, some medical instruments that come into contact with blood, as well as during transfusion of blood or its components, organ transplantation. In theory, HIV infection can occur not only in the doctor's office, but also at the tattoo artist or hairdresser who scratched you with a comb with sharp teeth.

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HIV is transmitted through sexual intercourse, vaginal, oral and anal. Homosexual men are generally considered to be at increased risk, but in reality only those who practice unprotected anal sex have a high chance of contracting AIDS. Using condoms does not eliminate the likelihood of infection, but significantly reduces it.

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HIV can be passed from mother to child during pregnancy or through breastfeeding. On average, 30% of babies born to mothers with AIDS are infected. During pregnancy, doctors provide therapy that reduces the risk of transmission by two-thirds.

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It should be remembered that HIV is not transmitted through everyday contact. Shaking hands, eating together, and just being around will in no way contribute to the onset of AIDS. Also, the virus is not tolerated by blood-sucking insects, and it is not transmitted by kissing, unless both partners have wounds in the mouth.

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