What Cheap Analogues Does Exoderil Have?

What Cheap Analogues Does Exoderil Have?
What Cheap Analogues Does Exoderil Have?

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The drug "Exoderil" effectively and successfully fights the fungus that causes mycoses. It kills fungi of the genus Candida, dermatophytes, molds and yeast-like species of this pathogen. But, if the purchase of this remedy is not affordable, the patient turns to the attending physician with a request to pick up cheaper analogues of Exoderil.

What cheap analogues does Exoderil have?
What cheap analogues does Exoderil have?

Properties of "Exoderil" and its analogues

Fungal infection of the skin and nails is an unpleasant phenomenon. It causes itching, discomfort, and outwardly looks repulsive. The pathogenic fungus can attack under conditions of high humidity. Mostly this happens in public places such as baths, saunas, swimming pools, water parks. Therefore, it is recommended to visit them only in rubber slippers, in order to avoid contact with the floor.

"Exoderil" not only stops and neutralizes the action of the fungus, but also slows down the growth rate of its colonies. Use the product for external use only. Due to this, the main active ingredient does not affect the internal organs of a person, since it does not enter the bloodstream. The drug "Exoderil" is recommended for use if the patient has sensitive skin prone to allergies. Use the product to treat pregnant women, children and the elderly only after consulting a doctor.

Release form: cream, ointment, drops (solution). The duration of the course of treatment is determined by several factors and depends on the patient's immunity, neglect of the disease and the type of fungal infection.

Cheap analogues of "Exoderil"

Look for cheap analogues of the drug "Exoderil" should be in the assortment of antifungal agents with a wide spectrum of action. Pharmaceutical analogues are drugs that have different compositions, but have an action aimed at eliminating the same problem.

For the treatment of the fungus, an alcohol-containing solution of salicylic acid can be used. In pharmacies, the price ranges from 8 to 20 rubles.

For the treatment of nails affected by the fungus, you should use "Clotrimazole" (ointment 1% concentration). This is the cheapest analogue of Exoderil, but a very effective drug. The relative disadvantage is that it needs to be applied several times a day. To save the budget, it is better to buy a home-made product at a pharmacy. The price in comparison with a Polish or Romanian manufacturer may differ by 2 times. The use of such antimycotics in pill form can adversely affect the body. As an active ingredient, "Clotrimazole" is a part of the cream and drops "Candide". Their price is an order of magnitude higher, but also very affordable (from 200 to 225 rubles).

Other options for cheaper analogues of Exoderil: Fungoderbin, Naftifin (the active substance is the same, but the concentration is higher, which makes it possible to shorten the duration of the course of treatment), Terbinox, Terbizil, Micoderil, Nitrofungin. The price of these drugs ranges from 50 rubles. up to 350 rubles, while the price of "Exoderil" in pharmacies is from 465 rubles. up to 1099 p. (the cost depends on the form of release and the amount of funds).

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