What Does Prickly Heat Look Like In A Child

What Does Prickly Heat Look Like In A Child
What Does Prickly Heat Look Like In A Child

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Prevention of prickly heat in young children is to follow the rules of caring for them. After changing the diaper and washing, do not immediately dress the child - let his body "breathe". Such air baths will benefit the entire body.

Now we are going to make an air bath
Now we are going to make an air bath

Why does prickly heat appear on a child's body?

The occurrence of prickly heat in children is due to the improvement of the activity of the sweat glands in the first months of life. In hot conditions, the child overheats, which leads to the active production of a special fluid by the sweat glands.

In a baby wrapped or dressed not for the weather, the process of normal sweating will be disrupted, and the secreted secretion will accumulate in the sweat glands. The same applies to the abundant treatment of the baby's body with cream.

After such situations, the skin looks irritated. A red, small rash appears on bright pink integuments. Favorite places for prickly heat are folds of the skin, into which air does not enter well: in the groin, on the back, chest, behind the ears, in the folds of the neck, on the elbows and folds of the skin on the legs.

Untimely diaper change and poor newborn care are the most common causes of prickly heat, but the problem is easily resolved by following all the rules of care.

Learning to recognize prickly heat: symptoms and first signs

A clear sign of prickly heat is the reddening of the child's skin with a rash of small pink elements on it. The rash can appear after walking or sleeping if the baby is heavily wrapped.

The appearance of prickly heat does not affect the well-being of the child. He remains active and calm. There is no increase in body temperature, but the rash itself can cause discomfort to the baby, especially in the perineum.

If you run out of powder, you can replace it with regular potato starch.

How dangerous can prickly heat be? If you do not take measures to cool the child's body, then the baby may experience heatstroke. The body at this moment ceases to control the temperature level, and it rises to high levels, which is fraught with dehydration.

When should you see a doctor and what can he advise?

Situations requiring medical attention are as follows:

- with increased care within 3 - 4 days, the rash does not disappear;

- the rash has spread throughout the body or turned into small pustules;

- it is not possible to achieve a decrease in temperature with drugs.

Before consulting a doctor, you should not treat the area of ​​the rash with lotions or ointments.

20 g of celandine herb is brewed with 2 cups of boiling water, cooled and filtered. The product is added to the bath.

After examining the baby, the pediatrician will prescribe children's paracetamol to reduce the temperature.

For this purpose, aspirin should not be given to children, otherwise it will provoke the dangerous Reye's syndrome. After the child takes the medicine, it is necessary to make sure that he does not start to freeze as the temperature drops.

Is it possible to cope with prickly heat without medication?

Folk home conditions can be done using the following recipes:

1. Pure walnut leaves are crushed and brewed in boiling water in an amount of 20 g. The finished broth is filtered and the child is bathed in it.

2. In the same way, a decoction of oak bark is prepared, which must be added to the bath before bathing.

3. For therapeutic and prophylactic purposes with prickly heat, use homemade sunflower oil. 100 g of the product must be kept in a steam bath for 15 minutes. Lubricate the skin with a warm agent.

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