Brain Hypoxia: Symptoms And Treatment

Brain Hypoxia: Symptoms And Treatment
Brain Hypoxia: Symptoms And Treatment

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Hypoxia - oxygen starvation, as a result of which there is a disruption of the body. The brain is especially sensitive to a lack of this gas. Hypoxia can cause coma and even death.

Hypoxia - oxygen starvation
Hypoxia - oxygen starvation

Forms of hypoxia

There are several forms of hypoxia: fulminant, acute, chronic. In the first case, the disease develops rapidly, in a few minutes. Acute hypoxia is observed after a heart attack, poisoning, blood loss. Blood simply cannot deliver oxygen to organs and tissues. The chronic form of the disease develops with heart defects, heart failure. Lack of oxygen can occur when climbing to a height, with increased physical activity, and with disturbances in the work of the respiratory system. Kidneys, heart, brain, liver are especially sensitive to lack of oxygen.

Symptoms of the disease

The first stage of hypoxia is marked by the following symptoms: increased excitability, inability to control one's movements, unsteady gait, cyanosis of the skin, or vice versa, their redness, cold sweat. During the second stage, visual impairment occurs, the eyes darken, the head is spinning, nausea and vomiting appear. The person may lose consciousness. Severe cases of the disease are accompanied by cerebral edema, loss of conditioned and unconditioned reflexes, the skin becomes insensitive, the person falls into a coma.

Oxygen deprivation treatment

It is possible to identify hypoxia thanks to laboratory tests. There is a device - a pulse oximeter. It is put on the finger and after a couple of minutes you can see the percentage of oxygen in the blood. This figure should not be lower than 95%. Capnography allows a study of the exhaled air.

Before starting treatment for hypoxia, the cause of its appearance should be identified. Perhaps the disease has developed due to alcohol abuse or due to a long stay in a stuffy room. Inpatient or home treatment will be prescribed depending on the severity of the patient's condition. Doctors prescribe drugs, the action of which is aimed at normalizing the work of the whole organism. Vitamins are needed to restore brain tissue. If hypoxia was caused by a malfunction of the internal organs, then the treatment will be aimed at restoring the correct functioning of organs and systems.

The lack of oxygen during ascent to altitude can be compensated for by using masks, oxygen bags and cartridges. Bronchodilators, antihypoxanes are prescribed for respiratory hypoxia. If oxygen starvation took place in a mild form, and treatment was started on time, then soon the body will recover. In severe forms, irreversible processes can begin in the brain tissues that cannot be treated.

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