Why Is Lemongrass Tincture Useful?

Why Is Lemongrass Tincture Useful?
Why Is Lemongrass Tincture Useful?

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Chinese lemongrass is one of the most unusual plants in Russian conditions, as it looks like a long liana with small red berries and a woody stem. It grows in the Far East, North China and Korea, but has long been successfully grown in garden plots in central and southern Russia. Lemongrass has many useful properties, juice, tea, jam are prepared from it, but the most useful remedy is the tincture of lemongrass fruit.

Why is lemongrass tincture useful?
Why is lemongrass tincture useful?

Benefits of lemongrass tincture

Schisandra berries are a storehouse of nutrients and vitamins. Among them, the first place is occupied by the so-called lingnans - substances that give fruits antifungal, antitumor, antioxidant, tonic and other properties. Adaptogens in the composition of the plant increase the immunity of the human body and help it better adapt to changes in the environment.

In medicine, these substances are not used, since they do not cure any diseases, but due to the fact that adaptogens strengthen the body very well, even serious illnesses are eventually defeated. Schizandra berries contain citric and malic acid, vitamins C and E, flavonoids with antioxidant properties, essential oils with unsaturated fatty acids, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and many other minerals.

Tea is brewed from lemongrass berries, jam is made, juice is made. But tincture of lemongrass berries is one of the most effective remedies that can be prepared from this plant. The tincture helps to strengthen the central nervous system, improves the functioning of the respiratory system and the cardiovascular system, increases blood pressure, increases efficiency, and improves visual acuity. This remedy is used to treat many diseases: hypotension, asthenia, neurasthenia. It can be used to improve all types of sensitivity (hearing, smell) and to treat sexual disorders.

Lemongrass tincture is useful as a preventive measure, especially for those people who are engaged in hard mental or physical work and get tired quickly.

How to make lemongrass tincture

You can make the berry tincture yourself or buy it at the pharmacy. Alcohol tincture is available in dark bottles of 50 milliliters, 20 drops must be taken two to three times a day, the course lasts no more than 25 days. This medicine has almost no side effects, you just need to remember that lemongrass excites the nervous system, so it is not recommended for people suffering from insomnia, tachycardia, and hypertension.

It is also undesirable to use the tincture for acute infections.

To make this wonderful remedy on your own, you need lemongrass and 60-70% alcohol in a ratio of one to five. The berries must be pre-dried and crushed. Then they are poured with alcohol and left for three weeks in a dark place. If you use 95% alcohol, then the infusion time can be reduced to two weeks. The first version of the tincture can be taken 30-40 drops two to three times a day, the second - 20-25 drops.

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