Symptoms Of Calcium Deficiency In The Body

Symptoms Of Calcium Deficiency In The Body
Symptoms Of Calcium Deficiency In The Body

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Calcium is essential for normal growth and development of the body. This mineral affects many biochemical processes in the human body. And people at any age can feel a lack of calcium, regardless of the number of years, a deficiency of a nutrient can lead to serious illnesses. Several signs can indicate hypocalcemia - a lack of an important mineral.

Symptoms of calcium deficiency in the body
Symptoms of calcium deficiency in the body

Contrary to popular belief, a lack of calcium affects not only the condition of the bones, but also the functioning of most organs. One of the main trace elements is especially necessary for the development of a child's body, because the mineral is responsible for the formation of the skeleton and teeth of a child. With a lack of calcium, the work of the circulatory system, heart, muscle contraction is disrupted.

Signals Indicating Calcium Lack

The first signs of hypocalcemia, calcium deficiency, are brittle nails, peeling and dullness of the skin and hair. Also, the lack of a trace element is indicated by interruptions in the activity of the heart, drops in blood pressure, the presence of infectious diseases, colds, caries or demineralization of the teeth. After all, the lack of the mineral will affect the state of the immune system. Hypocalcemia directly leads to a drop in the body's defenses and, as a result, frequent illnesses. Lack of calcium can cause more than 150 diseases.

A lack of calcium can be indicated by disturbances in the work of the intestines, they can be expressed both in frequent diarrhea and constipation. If there are few nutrients in the diet, hypocalcemia can be expressed in osteoporosis, scoliosis.

The presence of kidney stones, stomach ulcers, bleeding disorders, hyperexcitability - all these signs can also serve as symptoms of calcium deficiency.

What else can hypocalcemia be expressed in?

Despite the fact that the symptoms of calcium deficiency are many, a person does not always take them for granted and does not look for the main cause of the disease. Meanwhile, our body can signal a mineral deficiency in the early stages. And the beginning hypocalcemia can manifest itself in rapid fatigue, anxiety, irritability. A person's teeth begin to hurt and deteriorate - enamel crumbles, cracks appear, etc.

The lack of calcium is indicated by the fragility of blood vessels and bones, to the point that a fracture appears with a slight bruise. In athletes, a deficiency of a useful substance can be expressed in convulsions.

At the first suspicion of calcium deficiency, it is necessary to consult a specialist in order to choose the right treatment. If you find yourself with hypocalcemia, you should not rely on taking dietary supplements, multivitamin complexes with calcium content, or eating foods rich in valuable substances. Exercise and being in the fresh air will help to overcome the lack of calcium. This is because vitamin D contributes to the absorption of the mineral.

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