How To Drink "Neuromultivit"

How To Drink "Neuromultivit"
How To Drink "Neuromultivit"

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"Neuromultivit" is a combined multivitamin preparation used for the treatment of diseases of the nervous system. It contains vitamins B1, B6, B12.

How to drink
How to drink


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The multivitamin preparation "Neuromultivit" is prescribed as part of the complex therapy of the following diseases of the nervous system: neuralgia, neuritis, plexitis, intercostal neuralgia, sciatica, lumbago, trigeminal neuralgia, diabetic and alcoholic polyneuropathies, degenerative pathologies of the spine with radicular syndrome. The drug is produced in coated tablets. One tablet contains vitamin B1 (100 mg), vitamin B6 (200 mg) and vitamin B12 (0.20 mg). The tool stimulates the metabolism in the nervous system, improves the recovery processes in the nervous tissue, and also has some analgesic effect.

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The peculiarities of the mechanism of action of the drug are due to its components. Vitamin B1 in the body is converted to cocarboxylase, which takes part in many metabolic processes, and also participates in the transmission of nerve impulses in nerve endings (synapses). Vitamin B6 is required for the normal functioning of the nervous system, takes part in the synthesis of many neurotransmitters (dopamine, norepinephrine, histamine, etc.). Vitamin B12 is involved in hematopoiesis, metabolism, it is necessary for the body for the processes of cell division and growth.

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Take "Neuromultivit" after meals with water, 1 tab. 1-3 times a day. The duration of therapy is determined by the doctor, usually it is 2-4 weeks. The drug has a therapeutic effect within 1-2 weeks after the start of administration. It is not recommended to take "Neromultivit" for more than 4 weeks. The drug is contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity to the components of the drug, during pregnancy and lactation. The drug causes side effects in rare cases. These include: nausea, itching, tachycardia rash.

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Neuromultivitis reduces the effectiveness of antiparkinsonian drugs (Levodopa). Taking ethanol dramatically reduces the absorption of vitamin B1. During the use of the drug, it is not recommended to take other preparations containing vitamins of group B. Analogues of "Neuromultivit" are: "Angiovit", "Sana-Sol", "Pikovit", "Vitatsitrol", "Viabeks", "Revit", "Milgamma", "Neurogamma", "Combilipen", "Unigamma", "Calcevita", "Neurotrat Forte". Replace the drug with an analogue only after consulting a doctor. "Neuromultivitis" is stored in a dark, dry place out of the reach of children. Storage temperature should not exceed 25 ° C. The shelf life of the product is 3 years.

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