How To Relieve Inflammation Of The Lymph Nodes

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How To Relieve Inflammation Of The Lymph Nodes
How To Relieve Inflammation Of The Lymph Nodes

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Lymph nodes are a kind of barriers that prevent the spread of infections in the body. They produce lymphocytes - protective cells, the main function of which is to destroy various foreign bacteria. But when infections get into them, the lymph nodes become inflamed.

How to relieve inflammation of the lymph nodes
How to relieve inflammation of the lymph nodes

It is necessary

Echinacea tincture, chicory, upper branches of conifers (spruce, pine, fir), celandine, alcohol, fresh walnut leaves, annual raspberry roots, annual branches of fir, sugar


Step 1

Try echinacea tincture, a natural antiseptic that relieves inflammation and speeds up the body's recovery. Dissolve 10 drops of the tincture in a quarter glass of water. Take by mouth 4 times daily.

Step 2

Take vitamin C to increase the white blood cell count. The initial dose is 250 mg, the highest is 500 mg.

Step 3

Drink syrup made from the top branches of a pine tree, spruce, fir or pine cones are also good.

Step 4

Use chicory to wash swollen glands. To do this, brew 20 g of chicory in 200 ml of boiling water.

Step 5

In case of inflammation of the cervical lymph nodes, put a compress from celandine. Mash clean finely chopped celandine, squeeze juice from it, add alcohol. Alcohol and celandine should be taken equally - a tablespoon each.

Step 6

Prepare a fir and raspberry root tincture. Plants must be annual. 0.5 kg of branches, a quarter of a kilogram of raspberry roots, a pound of sugar, place in a three-liter jar in layers. Top up with 100 ml boiling water and cook in a water bath for 8 hours. After preparation, the tincture should stand for two days in the dark. It should be drunk 5 times a day for a tablespoon (for children, 1 teaspoon is enough). You need to take the tincture for 10 days. Then take a break for the same period, and repeat again.

Step 7

Make a compress at night from fresh walnut leaves or vodka tincture based on them: pour 0.5 cups of finely chopped leaves with vodka (1 cup), leave for 3-4 days.

Step 8

At the same time, remember that an enlargement of one lymph node, which is not accompanied by more unpleasant symptoms - pain, fever, further growth of this node - indicates that this lymph node "works" more than others and, possibly, after a certain period of time it will again will be of normal dimensions. But if an increase in the group of nodes occurs, this may indicate the presence of some kind of disease, and then the best thing you can do is contact a medical specialist. Don't take this problem lightly!

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