How To Get Rid Of Pink Lichen

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How To Get Rid Of Pink Lichen
How To Get Rid Of Pink Lichen

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Pink lichen is a skin disease of an infectious and allergic nature. On the body, mainly on the torso, slightly flaky pink spots of a round or oval shape appear.

How to get rid of pink lichen
How to get rid of pink lichen


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The reasons for the appearance of pink lichen are not exactly established. But one thing is known that its development provokes a cold. A large number of pink lichen diseases are observed in spring and autumn. With a weakened immune system, a relapse of the disease may occur.

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Pink lichen is a contagious disease. It is transmitted through the patient's personal belongings. This can be, for example, a towel, washcloth, hairbrush. At the onset of the disease, one spot appears on the body, called "maternal", approximately the size of a small coin. After a week or a little later, "babies" appear - numerous small spots of pink or pinkish-yellow color. Most of the rashes are observed on the sides of the torso, shoulders, back and hips.

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In the center of the pink spots, peeling of the skin is observed, similar to crumpled thin paper. Such lichen is a bit like a medallion decoration. The illness usually lasts 6 to 9 weeks.

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Pityriasis rosea very often goes away without treatment. But patients at this time should not take a bath. You can only shower with mild detergents. It is not recommended to treat lichen pink on your own, without consulting a doctor, lubricating it with various ointments or pastes. This can lead to an even greater spread of the infection. During illness, you should be in the sun as little as possible, and also wear clothes made only from natural fabrics (no synthetics).

Step 5

As an external treatment for pink lichen, it is recommended to lubricate the affected areas with sea buckthorn, peach, rosehip, St. John's wort vegetable oils. It is also useful to treat lichens with a solution of chlorophyllipt, romazulan, sanguirithrin. You can smear apple cider vinegar 6 or 7 times a day.

Step 6

During the treatment of lichen rosacea, it is recommended to drink an infusion or decoction of licorice root or its syrup, which can be purchased at the pharmacy in ready-made form.

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