How To Get Rid Of Lichen

How To Get Rid Of Lichen
How To Get Rid Of Lichen

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Colored or pityriasis versicolor most often occurs in the summer. This fungal skin disease is characterized by the appearance of flaky and itchy spots of various colors on the trunk. Before trying to heal yourself, see a specialist.

How to get rid of lichen
How to get rid of lichen


Step 1

With the right treatment for lichen coloring, success is guaranteed. But keep in mind that after the cure, relapses are possible, and in this case, the treatment will have to be repeated. In order to get rid of this scourge, regularly sanitize your apartment with bleach. Boil your laundry to avoid re-contamination. Iron things and boiled laundry on both sides. After you've started your fungus treatment, throw away your old washcloth.

Step 2

Any dermatologist can help you treat the disease. Take a course of medicated ointments. Sometimes antibiotics are prescribed in combination with them. Additionally, at home, do hardening and wipe the affected areas on the skin with a weak solution of salicylic alcohol.

Step 3

Avoid sun exposure during treatment. Wear only natural fabrics that allow your skin to breathe.

Step 4

Lubricate the stains with celandine juice. You can also use an alcoholic tincture of the plant for this purpose. But keep in mind that celandine is a poisonous herb. Therefore, be careful not to let it get on the mucous membranes.

Step 5

Take herbal baths. Chamomile, calendula, St. John's wort and succession are especially good for this. Take a tablespoon of the product and brew in the same way as tea. Let it brew for about half an hour and pour into a bath of warm water. Take a bath for 2 weeks, daily, for 15-20 minutes. Avoid eating spicy and fried foods during this time. Excessive amounts of salt are also undesirable. This is especially true for salted fish.

Step 6

To get rid of lichen, boil some buckwheat until cooked. Drain the broth and wipe the spots where the spots appear.

Step 7

It's a good idea to use freshly squeezed onion juice for rubbing.

Step 8

Combine some butter and birch tar. Use as an ointment.

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