How To Straighten A Tooth Without Braces

How To Straighten A Tooth Without Braces
How To Straighten A Tooth Without Braces

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Uneven teeth and malocclusion are common problems. It is best to deal with these problems during childhood or adolescence, before the jaw is fully formed. The most popular way to solve these problems is with braces, but not every child and teenager (and even an adult) is ready to wear not very beautiful pieces of iron on their teeth for a year or two. In this article, you can learn about alternative ways to fix teeth.

How to straighten a tooth without braces
How to straighten a tooth without braces


Step 1

If the child has an incorrect bite, then try to correct it without using braces. First of all, consult an orthodontist. He can take all the necessary parameters (make an impression), and then a special device called a trainer will be made for the child. A trainer is a device that a child will wear every day for a certain amount of time - first for a few minutes, then for several hours, possibly at night. With the help of trainers, you can straighten the bite and straighten the teeth somewhat.

Step 2

Go for a consultation with an orthodontist, and, perhaps, he will advise you to wear special dental plates. They are also made according to impressions, individually for each patient. They are usually worn on the upper jaw. Plates effectively correct not too strong changes in bite and curvature of the teeth. Plates are much cheaper than correcting teeth with braces, moreover, they are much more convenient - after all, the plate can be removed at any time.

Step 3

Another way to fix teeth without braces that you can use is special mouthguards. For the manufacture of mouth guards, an impression is taken from the jaw. Mouthguards are transparent caps that fit over the teeth. In addition to the fact that the curvature of the teeth in the mouthguards will be completely invisible, due to the special shape of the mouthguards, special pressure is exerted on each tooth, so the tooth is gradually corrected. First, impressions are taken from both jaws to make splints. Then a real (plaster) and 3D model of the jaw is made, according to which aligners are made. There are a lot of advantages for mouthguards, but the main disadvantage is their price. They are much more expensive than even the same braces and not every family budget can afford such a waste.

Step 4

You can also try such a method of correcting teeth as restoration. This is also a very expensive procedure, and at a price it will be equal to the cost of metal-ceramic dental implants. However, such a procedure does not harm the teeth at all, it is recommended to everyone, without exception, and allows you to correct the appearance of your teeth in just one day. In addition, teeth are usually whitened during this procedure. That is, for a certain fee, you can get even, beautiful and healthy teeth in just one day.

Beauty and health for your teeth!

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