How To Stop Bleeding After Tooth Extraction

How To Stop Bleeding After Tooth Extraction
How To Stop Bleeding After Tooth Extraction

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Modern dentistry is trying to fight for a tooth to the last. But there are situations when it is no longer possible to save him. The occurrence of infection and the defeat of most of the tooth with caries is an indication for its removal. But on this operation, the patient's suffering does not end, especially if he does not stop bleeding from the hole of the extracted tooth.

How to stop bleeding after tooth extraction
How to stop bleeding after tooth extraction


Step 1

Even if the bleeding from the hole, which occurred immediately after tooth extraction, is stopped in the dentist's office, it is too early to relax. Adrenaline is often used with the anesthetic used for pain relief, which shrinks the walls of the small vessels in the wound. Its second phase of action begins 2 hours later, when the vessels begin to dilate. Because of this, the patient often has re-bleeding. This condition is not dangerous and can be dealt with at home.

Step 2

Make a tight swab with sterile gauze or cotton wool. Place it on the bleeding site and bite down hard. It is impossible to relieve pressure within 20 minutes, during which time a blood clot should form in the bleeding vessel. You should spend the next few hours at rest so that the vessel does not start bleeding again. If the tampon removed from the socket of the extracted tooth is not soaked through with blood, then you managed to stop the bleeding.

Step 3

If the previous step is ineffective, you can repeat the procedure, but using hydrogen peroxide. Soak the tampon with a 3% solution of the medicine and do all the above manipulations.

Step 4

If heavy bleeding does not stop, then you cannot do without a return visit to the dentist. The specialist will numb the hole, remove the blood clot and determine the cause of the bleeding. Arterial bleeding is stopped by electrocautery or suturing. Bleeding from the depth of the hole is tamponed, starting from its bottom. The application of a hemostatic sponge has a good effect.

Step 5

If these measures do not help, the use of drugs that increase blood clotting is indicated. But before that, the patient must urgently pass tests so that the doctor is convinced that there are no contraindications to the use of drugs.

Step 6

If, in a dental office, the bleeding cannot be stopped within a few days, the patient is shown hospitalization.

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