How To Dilute Furacilin For Rinsing

How To Dilute Furacilin For Rinsing
How To Dilute Furacilin For Rinsing

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Furacilin solution, which has an antimicrobial effect, is often prescribed as part of complex therapy for tonsillitis, tonsillitis or stomatitis. How to properly dilute furacilin for gargling, and how to maximize the effect of treatment?

How to dilute furacilin for rinsing
How to dilute furacilin for rinsing


Step 1

Furacilin is a strong and well-known broad-spectrum antimicrobial drug that is used to prevent and treat purulent and inflammatory processes. It comes in the form of alcoholic solutions, ointments, tablets, aerosols or powders that are used for a variety of medicinal purposes, from treating skin wounds to treating urinary tract infections. To prepare a solution for gargling, it is necessary to use furacilin in tablets of 0.02 grams. 0.1 gram tablets are usually prescribed for oral administration, but they can also be used if needed. Other forms of furacilin release for the treatment of stomatitis or a sore throat will not work.

Step 2

To prepare a solution of furacilin for gargling, we need one tablet of 0.02 grams per 200 milliliters of distilled or hot boiled water (furacilin may not dissolve in cold water). The optimum water temperature for this purpose is 50-60%; at higher temperatures, the agent will lose some of its medicinal antimicrobial properties. If you use 0.1 gram tablets, you need to take a quarter of the tablet for a glass of water, in addition, you can also add 1/5 teaspoon of table salt. Sodium chloride is already contained in gargle tablets - it is added to the main active ingredient in order to slightly reduce the irritant effect of the drug.

Step 3

Furacilin is a difficult-to-dissolve substance, therefore, even in hot water, a whole tablet can dissolve for up to 10-12 hours. Therefore, in order for the medicine to "disperse" faster, it is necessary to grind the tablet first. This can be done by splitting it into several pieces with a knife, rubbing it with a tablespoon or pestle. You can grind furacilin without removing it from the package. This method works well for tablets that are packed in paper blisters. In this case, you can hit the cell with the tablet several times with a hammer, and only then open the package. After that, it remains only to pour the resulting furacilin powder into a glass of hot water.

Step 4

Stir the product vigorously in water for 5-10 minutes until the furacilin powder dissolves and the water acquires a characteristic piercing yellow color. The finer the tablet has been crushed, the faster it will "disperse" in water. After that, it is better to strain the solution - small particles of tablets not dissolved in water can injure the mucous membranes of the oral cavity with intensive rinsing. Before you start gargling, cool the solution to a temperature of 30-35% - the gargle should not be too hot or too cold.

Step 5

Furacilin rinses should be done four to five times a day, the duration of the procedure is about three minutes. To maximize the effect of treating angina, mucous membranes must be cleaned before using furacilin. This can be done by thoroughly rinsing the throat with a solution of ordinary baking soda (a teaspoon in a glass of warm boiled water) or even just warm boiled water.

Step 6

You can add 10-15 drops of alcoholic tincture of calendula or chamomile to the furacilin solution - this will make the treatment more effective. In severe cases (for example, in the treatment of purulent sore throats), a teaspoon of three percent hydrogen peroxide is added to a glass of furacilin rinse - this not only enhances the effect, but also softens the irritating effect.

Step 7

Furacilin solution is not perishable. It is believed that it is best to dilute the medicine just before use. However, you can "optimize" the process and immediately prepare a liter and a half of rinsing agents. You can store the remnants of the diluted medicine for two to three days in a cool place (for example, a refrigerator), but always in a tightly closed container. Avoid exposure to sunlight - in the light of the furacilin solution quickly deteriorates. It is very simple to determine that the solution has deteriorated - if it has darkened and turned brown, then it cannot be used, if the furacilin rinse retains its original yellow color, it is possible. Before use, a pre-prepared chilled solution of furacilin needs to be slightly warmed up or added to it with hot boiled water.

Step 8

Furacilin is a simple and effective remedy that has almost no contraindications for use. However, individual intolerance and allergic reactions with furacilin rinses still occur. Most often they are expressed in the form of urticaria. If signs of such a reaction to the drug appear, treatment with furacilin should be discontinued. In addition, in rare cases, treatment with furacilin can cause dizziness, vomiting, nausea, or loss of appetite - however, such a reaction usually occurs in those who take it by mouth, and with rinsing, such side effects are extremely rare.

Step 9

Furacilin is not an "emergency" remedy, rinsing must be done in courses. It is not able to "prostrate" the oral cavity with a single application. However, if you rinse your throat regularly, the effect will be comparable to the effect of taking antibiotics: after 5-6 days, pathogenic microorganisms will be destroyed, and inflammatory processes in the oral cavity and pharynx will stop. At the same time, one should not make the "main bet" on furacilin and ignore other drugs prescribed by a doctor. Rinsing will speed up the treatment and alleviate the patient's condition, however, it is possible to quickly cure sore throat or tonsillitis and avoid complications only with complex therapy under the supervision of a specialist.

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