How To Expand The Vessels Of The Brain

How To Expand The Vessels Of The Brain
How To Expand The Vessels Of The Brain

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Nowadays, doctors are increasingly faced with patients whose cerebral vessels are narrowed. The reason for this is heavy loads associated with mental work, insufficient stay in the fresh air, stress, overwork. As a result, a person often has headaches, heaviness and other, rather unpleasant sensations. In order not to suffer, you need to dilate the blood vessels.

How to dilate the vessels of the brain
How to dilate the vessels of the brain


Step 1

Sometimes the narrowing of the vessels of the brain and impaired blood circulation can lead to atherosclerosis in the cervical segment of the arteries, osteochondrosis. Often people suffer from dizziness and weakness.

To avoid this condition, you should perform special gymnastics, which is aimed at expanding blood vessels, as well as strengthening them. Exercises that require tilting the head downward, such as standing on the shoulder blades, elbows, head, and, conversely, raising the legs to a right angle in the supine position, significantly increase the pressure of blood in the brain. In addition, it is necessary to include in the therapeutic physical training complex exercises that require a sharp change in the position of the head in space, for example, bending back and forth, to the sides, turning the body.

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With narrowed vessels of the brain, it is necessary to breathe correctly. Violation of nasal breathing, the presence of diseases of the nasopharynx contribute to a deterioration in the supply of oxygen to the brain. Various gymnastic exercises, such as coups, somersaults, have a beneficial effect on the vessels of the head. Dancing and yoga classes are very useful for vasoconstriction.

Step 3

In addition, to expand the vessels of the head, it is necessary to adhere to a low-calorie diet, limiting the use of animal fats, alcohol and confectionery. Reduce the amount of salt you eat. In order for the vessels to return to normal sooner, you need to take vitamin complexes, including ascorbic acid, vitamin B6, PP.

Step 4

It is useful to spend time outdoors, combining walking with exercise. Overweight patients should, first of all, normalize their weight.

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