How To Treat Postoperative Stitches

How To Treat Postoperative Stitches
How To Treat Postoperative Stitches

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Postoperative sutures must be repaired daily. If a nurse does this in the hospital, you will have to take care of the treatment yourself at home. But do not worry, you will succeed, because it is not difficult to do it, and you do not need to have special professional skills.

How to treat postoperative stitches
How to treat postoperative stitches

It is necessary

  • - hydrogen peroxide;
  • - brilliant green;
  • - sterile bandage;
  • - cotton wool, cotton swabs or discs.


Step 1

Go to the pharmacy first. Buy hydrogen peroxide, brilliant green, and sterile dressings. It is also necessary to purchase sterile cotton wool, but ordinary cotton pads or sticks can replace it. If you have already stopped applying a bandage while in the hospital, then you do not need it. The bandage slightly prolongs the healing period, as the wound becomes wet under it. In any case, consult your doctor, but you can be sure that the suture will not disperse without a bandage, it only prevents the infection from penetrating inside.

Step 2

do after you take a shower. Remember that you can wash yourself after 7 days, but sometimes doctors allow you to do this within a day after the operation. When washing, do not touch the seam with a washcloth, as even a slightly healed scar can be damaged. After hygiene, blot the seam with a bandage. You can simply pour a thin stream of hydrogen peroxide on top of the scar, or soak a cotton pad with it and wipe the skin. Wait until it dries a little. Then apply brilliant green directly to the seam using a cotton swab or disc.

Step 3

Apply a sterile dressing at the end of the procedure. Work the seam until it is completely healed. Sometimes the scar is damaged in only one place, so even after 2-3 weeks, blood or fluid may be released. Treat the problem area of ​​the seam until the tissue is completely scarred. The threads will be removed for 7-14 days, it all depends on the type of suture and operation, as well as the healing process. After removing the threads, the seam must be processed in the same way for a few more days.

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